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Back-to-School Panic, Teacher Nightmares, and Other Uplifting Tales

I’m taking a break from tips on how to use the target language which we will resume next month.  This month I am busy having a panic attack. 

No matter how long I have been teaching, (30 years now) the future post-vacation days bear down on me like approaching, low, ominous clouds.  

Back-to-School Panic, Teacher Nightmares, and Other Uplifting Tales.  No matter how long I have been teaching, (30 years now), the future post-vacation days bear down on me like approaching, low, ominous clouds.

 This time, however, it’s different. 

This time, the heart-pounding has begun a little earlier.  Because I’m (supposed to be) retired.  Last June I said goodbye to my students and colleagues and started my adventure of full-time curriculum development.  Since then, I have been sleeping peacefully until 6:30 every morning. (as opposed to the dark hour of 5:00 A.M., my normal wake-up time.)

retired T-shirt 3

Until a week ago.  When I awoke from a nightmare- a teaching nightmare.  And the following day, I had ANOTHER teaching nightmare- two in a row.  You know the kind:  I wasn’t prepared. I hadn’t taught the classroom rules and procedures soon enough and the students were unruly.  I couldn’t teach my lesson.  Agh!  Sound familiar?


So… I told my husband, “They’re going to ask me to come back.”  He said, “No, they’re not.”  I said, “Yes, they are going to ask me to teach again.”


Just in case I was reading this wrong, I made sure to tell God, “I do NOT want to go back!!! 


But I will.  ONLY if they call and ask me.”  Because, of course, they weren’t going to do that. I was imagining things. I was SAFE!


After working on my Pinterest boards and a product I just posted, Preterite Lesson Plans, the phone rang.  It was the Vice Principal of my department telling me they had lost a teacher and would I please come back and teach AP Spanish.  I told her I had to pray about it and talk to my husband.  But I knew I had already committed myself. 


I called her back and told her I’d teach Spanish One.  She said, “How about AP AND Spanish One?” I said, “Spanish One”.  She said, “How about TWO Spanish Ones?”  I said, “One class of Spanish One.”

The next day, after having committed myself, I snapped awake from my retirement nap with the sudden realization that I had either thrown away, or given away most of my props and manipulatives.  “What have I DONE!!!???,” I asked myself.  How many resources will I now have to buy or recreate? How many resources will I forget I need until I am in the middle of the lesson?

¡Cálmate!  Deep breath.  I will go back into my classroom next week and take inventory.  It will all work out.  For everyone.

For those teachers who have requested Spanish One Lesson Plans, you will not have to wait much longer.  You can expect those in July or August.  I will spend this time revising and polishing them.

And THEN, I REALLY am going to devote myself 100% to creating quality resources that will make your life easier.  No more nightmares.  (I really DO love teaching, but only when I'm prepared.  I wasn’t prepared to teach in January.)

Since this blog is dedicated to Back-to-School, the freebie for today is the Commands PowerPoint.  I have found that the best way to get the class functioning in the target language ASAP is to teach the commands first.  Using TPR to teach them also engages the students and they begin the year with a positive outlook on the class.

Spanish Commands Mandatos

Here is the one for French

French Commands1

 Here is the link for the complete list of commands I give to my students.  I break them up into seven or eight per day.  List of  Commands  

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