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How to Use Google Voice in your World Language Class

Using Technology in the Classroom.

We’re talking student-engagement again.  Technology not only reels the students in, it saves time correcting and gives students more opportunities to speak and hear the language.  Here are a few resources and sites I use:

Audacity (for AP conversation practice)

Google Voice is a great tool for providing students more opportunities to practice speaking.  I give them a homework assignment from a website,  such as They have to listen and read the script of the monologue I assign and then give me a one-minute oral summary and reaction.  I model how to call me during class so they can practice leaving a message.  Then, later, I listen to their summaries.  It works like a charm and takes very little time to listen! 

Here is how you get started:  Set up a Google account.  Google will give you a phone number.  Give that number to your students.  Give them a prompt and have them talk about it.  Then, go on your Google account and click on the numbers that say how long they spoke in order to play their message.  

For my AP students, I assign BBC Mundo,  Univisión or my favorite,  What I like about this site is that the students can’t see the script until they have listened a few times and answered a few comprehension questions.  Perfect for language learners!

Next I will talk about Audacity.  I am going to start using it for my AP students this year.  Any advice from those of you already experienced is welcome!