HOW TO ENGAGE STUDENTS | Best PowerPoints for Spanish | Angie Torre


How to Engage Students.  There are many ways to engage students: hands-on activities, telling silly stories, using a stop-watch.

Here are some other tools that hook students into WANTING to do what you want them to do:

     1) Using PowerPoints with captivating visuals and silly stories.  If you can get them to laugh, you’ve got them.  When I play the Dating Game with my students, unbeknownst to them, I put my own picture on the board along with the other movie stars.  Inevitably, some boys always choose me and when they find out it is so uproariously funny that sometimes it takes me a while to stop laughing and get back to teaching. 

The TPR Stories I use are as silly as I could make them. 

Here are a few of the stories that are most popular with the students and also  reinforce certain vocabulary or grammar concepts (Click on the pictures): 

Double-Object Pronouns

se lo input tn1

Irregular Preterite:

Snickers tn

House and Chores:

Chores tn1


Travel tn1 revised

Classroom Objects:

Spanish Classroom Objects1


Old Ser TPR Story tn1


Spanish Tener thumbnail1

     2) Giving students choices for homework: For example: “You may either draw the vocabulary or write it twice in Spanish”.  Sometimes students come up with an assignment that is better than mine.  My AP students wanted to watch una telenovela so I gave them the assignment of watching several episodes and then writing the following episode. They told me that was their favorite assignment and it was great listening practice for them.  

    3) Polling the students to find out what current icons are popular with them and imbedding those into your curriculum.  Justin Beiber is in practically all my acitivites currently.   

    4)  Using hands-on activities such as Interactive Notebook Activities, uses more of the senses and keeps students on-task.  

Interactive Notebook for Spanish One Regular Verbs2

  5)  Projecting an online stopwatch that counts down as students are working on a task keeps them focused.  Works like a charm.

I would love to hear ideas from other teachers.  How do YOU engage your students?