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TPT Cyber Sale November 27th & 28th

Have you been waiting for a sale to buy those big Spanish Curriculum Bundles and Lesson Plans you’ve had your eye on?  TPT has it’s own Black Friday sale but on MONDAY and TUESDAY, November 27th and 28th!  

You can get up to 25% off and 20% off on all my products if you type in the promo-code Cyber17.

Cyber Sale 2017

Save on everything, from Interactive Notebook Activities, videos, whole courses, textbooks, full-year curriculum, classroom decor, Google Drive Activities, PowerPoints, AP Spanish resources, TPR Stories and Comprehensible Input, French resources and much more.

I recently posted a Spanish Christmas Bundle that will keep your students engaged during the upcoming holidays as they learn the vocabulary for, “La Navidad,” and Christmas traditions in other countries: 

Spanish Christmas PowerPoint, Culture, and Activities

These hands-on Interactive Notebook Activities kept my Spanish One students engaged.

If you are looking for more comprehensible input for your classes, these Spanish Videos are perfect!  The Spanish speakers speak slowly and the Spanish subtitles and images aid in comprehension.  The videos do the work for you!

Give yourself the gift of time and go home early this year.  Why reinvent the wheel?  How much is your time worth?  These Spanish One Lesson Plans will lead your students to proficiency with little to now work on your part.

Happy Teaching and stay-tuned for Part Three of, “How to Write an Effective World Language Lesson Plan - Simplified.”

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