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Why isn’t my email address, “bestpowerpointsforspanish@sbcglobal.net?

     It’s called, “building your brand”, giving all your social media the same name so people know who you are.  My Pinterest Board, Facebook, website, blog, and Instagram are all, “Best PowerPoints for Spanish” (even though I also teach French and create curriculum for French). 

      So, why not my email address, too?  Well… when I was single, sometimes I would get discouraged and feel like I was never going to meet the one God had for me.  To combat the negative thoughts, I changed my email address to, “altespoir@sbcglobal.net”.  The letters, “Alt” are my initials.  “Espoir” means “hope” in French.  I was ever hopeful that I would someday meet the love of my life,  marry him, and live happily ever after, etc.  

     When I was 46, I did meet him and I have been “living happily ever after” with him for 14 years.  So, I don’t think I want to change my email address.   I met him online at “Love@aol”.  I fell in love when I read his emails.  I fell in love when I saw his picture.  I fell in love when I met him, when I saw how much he loved his boys, when I saw how sensitive and intelligent he was, and how sensitive he was to God.  

     So, my email address continues to be, “altespoir@sbcglobal.net”.  Here is one of our engagement pictures.  I am blessed and I always believe in hope.  “Espoir”.

Why isn't my email address the same as my blog, "bestpowerpointsforspanish@sbcglobal.net"?  Building Your Brand

     Which brings me to another question:  Why isn’t the name of my store, “Angie Sherbondy” to reflect my married name?  

     I had a wonderful father who raised four girls on his own.  He was an extrememly loving, intelligent man full of passion and life.  Since he had no boys, I wanted to carry on his legacy in any way I could.  Now you know the story of the two men I have loved and why I am “altespoir” and “Angie Torre”.