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Fail-Proof Activities & INB Activities


Spanish Ser Paired Activity

This activity is a game and also a competition between two students. It is good repetition and language in context for the verb "ser". Although quite simple, it is a no-fail paired activity. By that, I mean that all students will participate and will self-monitor to speak Spanish. Each student asks the other questions using different forms of the verb "ser". If the opponent answers correctly, he/she receives a point.

Spanish Double Object Pronoun Game

This activity is good repetition and language in context for the use of double object and indirect object pronouns. It is a “no-fail” paired activity because all students participate and self-monitor to speak Spanish. It is a competition in pairs in which students ask and answer questions using double object pronouns.

Spanish Adjectives - The Dating Game

Testimonial: I teach 8th graders so trust me they LOVED playing "The Dating Game" and really learned the adjectives!

Testimonial: Used this Spanish Adjectives activity around Valentine’s day as a way to review and the kids had a lot of fun!!

Testimonial: Can’t wait to try this in my classroom!  Looks very engaging!

Testimonial:  This was so much fun for my beginning Spanish class. I edited a few of the celebrities and added myself.  My students were engaged and couldn’t wait to find out their dates!

After teaching the adjectives, students choose whom they want to date based on six different descriptions. This activity provides comprehensible input and cements the adjectives and the vocabulary of physical descriptions into the minds of the students. It improves students' reading, writing and listening skills as they must write, listen to and hear descriptions of famous people.

How to Write an Essay for Spanish Four and AP

These activities are designed to help students improve their writing of expository essays. Included are: A template essay which models the components of a good essay: el gancho, la oracion de tesis, las tres ideas principales, la sangria, palabras y oraciones de transicion, parrafo de introduccion y conclusion, como citar las fuentes, sinonimos(sorry, can't put the accents); an accompanying worksheet in which students identify components; instructions for the teacher; the answers; the worksheet, "Transiciones", a story with sections omitted in which students write logical transitions or phrases; the worksheet, "La Evidencia" in which students practice how to write and organize supporting evidence using examples and concrete facts; the worksheet, "Revision del parrafo" in which students evaluate each others' paragraphs based on a rubric; instructions for students on how to write an essay; the worksheet, "Revision del Ensayo" in which students evaluate each others' essay based

Hilarious Present Perfect Activity for Spanish

Testimonial: Lots of fun.  My students really enjoyed this and it was a good review!


  • My students begged me to play this again.  Simply amazing!

  • It had been a long time since I taught the present perfect but these activities helped me so much.  Thanks!  

  • Spanish Two favorite activity of the year!!!! In two game days they really understood the present perfect!  Very well put together. Thank you for sharing!

During this activity, students will be talking about things they have never done. This is a culiminating activity for the lesson on the Present Perfect which cements the concept in the student's minds. It works well for the following reasons: 1) Students will be speaking Spanish the entire time, 2) Students get a taste of culture as this is a game Spanish students love to play, 3) It is hilariously fun and students will beg to play it again. When students are having fun, they learn. 4) It helps students to be proficient in the present perfect. 4) It is an authentic interaction with the language, not an artificial practice

Spanish Eight-Stations Activity.  

One user said this about Eight Station Activity, “Activity was fun and creative! The students loved it and asked me when we were going to do it again!”  Another user said, “It keeps the students speaking Spanish the entire period!”

Testimonial: I love your ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing, you are an inspiration.

Testimonial:  Great way to put it all together!

Testimonial: This activity was excellent.  The students started off rockly but by the end of the stations they were understanding and moving at a great pace. 

Have you ever wished you could multiply the teacher's presence in a classroom of 30 plus students in order to give your language learners more opportunities to hear and speak the language? This activity provides eight more teachers and keeps students communicating in Spanish for one or two entire class periods as they proceed from one station to the next asking and answering questions. Used as a culminating activity towards the end of the unit or class, "Eight Stations" thoroughly reinforces the use of the present tense and questions in level one, the preterite in level two, and  all tenses including subjunctive in level four as well as other vocabulary and grammar concepts. It can also be modified to reinforce any grammar or vocabulary concept.  Click on Youtube cllps to see students in action (top) or more explanation (bottom)  I also call it, “Where’s the Teacher” because the students do all the work.

Spanish Present Tense Eight-Station Activity

Testimonial:  Los planes son fabulosos. Me encanta todo lo que haces.

French Present Tense Eight-Station Activity

Testimonial:  Très utile et permet que les élèves practiquent les verbes de différentes manieres. 

Spanish Preterite Eight-Station Activity

Testimonial: This worked very well in my class. Something I will definitely use again.

One user said, "¡Fabuloso!

Testimonial regarding “Spanish Preterite Eight-Station Activity: Was very helpful and effective!  ¡Gracias! 

Testimonial:  Excellent activity.  I am using it as a review for the final with my Spanish 2s.  

Testimonial:  Great stations!  My kids loved it.  Thank you! 

Testimonial:  Students love stations!  This product is great.  Gracias.

Spanish Subjunctive Eight-Station Activity

Testimonial:I love the creativity. It takes me so long just to think of creative questions to ask to elicit a certain response...all of this is done for me. Thank you so much!

Testimonial:  Awesome! 

Testimonial:  Very nicely done!  I love the themes of the different stations.  It makes it more “real world.”  ¡Gracias!

Testimonial:  Great activity!  I like all the different themes!

Reflexive Verbs Activities and TPR Story for Spanish Two and Three

Testimonial:  Using this tomorrow.

The activities take the student from meaning of the verbs to conjugation, comparison of reflexive vs. non-reflexive, use of "le" and "les" and finally, the tests. The activities in order are: (For Spanish II) list of verbs, put activities in order to solidify meaning, practice "me despierto" vs. "despierto a otra persona", competition, practice with "le" and competition with "le", practice certain verbs with accompanying prepositions (me quejo DE..), practice for test and the test. The Spanish two test uses visuals to minimize translation, also uses the same photos as in the PowerPoint. (For Spanish Three) Same as for Spanish II with more verbs, more in depth study of differences in meaning between reflexive vs. non-reflexive verbs, a story using most of the verbs with accompanying activities for comprehensible input and repetition in context, homework assignment, conjugation practice and competition and a different test using many visuals as well. Answers for all activities are provided.

Spanish Vocabulary Board Game- Super Fun!

Testimonial: My students enjoyed this game very much.

Testimonail: I loved the game.  Trying it on a smartboard next week.  Will have the words flying off the board. 

Testimonial:  Great way to make students learn the new vocabulary.  I can’t wait to try this fun activity soon. Gracias.

This game is not only hilarious and greatly enjoyed by the students, it is also one of the best activities for comprehensible input and reinforcing of vocabulary. The teacher talks about the vocabulary and the students must guess which word he/she is talking about. The teacher speaks and the students listen the entire time in the target language. The students are also speaking the target language because, in order to help their teammates, they must use the words for "up, down, to the right, to the left" and four different colors. This game is good for kinesthetic learners as students must get out of their seats in order to indicate the correct answer. This activity can be used to reinforce any vocabulary and is a good game for PAT time.

Spanish Classroom Objects Interactive Notebook Activities and Google Drive Activities



Very usefule for vocab practice.

Mandatos/Commands Activities for Spanish Two, Three and Four

A user said:  Great activity!!!

Testimonial:  Fun and keeps students engaged.

Testimonial:  Thanks!  I’m just starting out with TPRS this year and love these resources! 

Testimonial:  Can’t wait to use!!! Great and easy to jump into teaching mandatos.

The following activities are not only hilarious, they are also very effective for helping students to use commands fluently.  They work because they require authentic language.  That is, in order for students to get what they want, they have to correctly give affirmative and negative commands.  The packet includes: For Spanish Two Command Activities:  a list of 20 prepositions of direction to be used in the paired presentation in which students command each other;a list of irregular “tú” commands,  instructions for presenters and those giving commands; For Spanish Three Command Activities:  Instructions for paired presentation using mandatos or commands and a rubric for grading it; For Spanish Four: Instructions for the lesson on mandatos and a competition/game; a lesson on the commands for “tú, Ud., Uds., Nosotros, and Vosotros” with practice activities for each command.

Spanish Preterite Jeopardy Power Point and Activities


  • Well done!  Very useful! 

  • Loved this!  These offered a good variety of practice problems.

Spanish House and  Chores Paired Activities

Spanish House and Chores Paired Activities1


  • Looking forward to using this resource this fall!  

  • Students loved the game!  ¡Gracias!

  • Excellent resource!

Spanish Places Google Drive Activity

Spanish Places Google Drive 2


  • I love the pictures! It saved me so much time to NOT have to  find my own.  Love this AND I got it with my TpT POINTS!  Yay!

  • Testimonial:  I can’t wait to use this next week.  Thanks!

  • The photos  are great and I like that there are different questions/question words used.

Here is a link to my store where you will find all my curriculum:

Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs Interactive Notebook Activity and Printables

Stem-Changing Verbs Interactive Notebook Activity1


  • Love this!

  • My class enjoyed this activity very much.

Spanish House and Chores Google Drive Activity



  • This is a great activity!

  • I’m looking forward to using these activities this week! They look great!  Thanks for the activities and the vocabulary list!

Spanish Sports Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities

sports 2 copy

Spanish Prepositions Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities



  • Awesome resource!

  • Great product!

  • Great activity!

Spanish Preterite Imperfect Foldable Interactive Notebook Activities

preterite imperfect interactive notebook4



  • I can’t wait to use this!  

  • Great resource for INB!  Can’t have enough preterite/imperfect resources!

  • Great!!! Thank you!

Spanish Reflexive Verbs Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Reflexive Verbs Interactive Notebook Activities


Nice resource for interactive notebook!

Spanish One Interactive Notebook for Regular Verbs

Interactive Notebook for Spanish Regular Verbs1


  • I like all her ideas!

  • Great way to study regular verbs!

Spanish Interactive Notebook for the Preterite Tense

Interactive Notebook Activities for the Preterite 1


  • Look forward to using this!

  • Excellent!

  • Great!

Spanish Interactive Notebook Activities for theFuture and Conditional Tenses

Spanish Interactive Notebook Activities for the Future and Conditional Tenses


  • Thank you for creating an amazing product with wonderful activities as well as detailed explanations!

Spanish Google Drive Activities Bundle

Spanish Google Drive Activities


  • I am excited to use these.  Our students have been issued Chromebooks, which are not widely used by other teachers.  These activities are perfect for that and will allow me to incorporate the interactive technology into my lesson.  Thank you. 

  • Saved me so much time!

Spanish Weather Google Drive and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Weather Google Drive Activity


  • Great product!

Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities for Spanish One



  • I love having this go-to resource for my middle school Spanish classes.  I have already used the family members worksheet which was better than what I had bought elsewhere.  Since I don’t have a textbook, this is a nice way to find paper and pencil practice.

Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities for Spanish Two


Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities for Spanish One and Two

INB Activities1


  • This has already been so useful because of our inability to even have textbooks for Spanish in my district. Thank you!

Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities for Spanish One, Two, and Three

Interactive Notebook Activities12


  • Excellent resource!!! Very thorough!!!

  • Excellent!

  • Terrific resources!  An amazing bundle!!

Interactive Notebook Activities for Spanish Three

Interactive Notebooks 1


  • Great resource!  Very helpful!

Spanish Speed Dating for the Imperfect, Present Perfect, and Tú, Usted, and Ustedes.

Spanish Speed Dating


  • Great! 

  •  I knew this would be a hit with the students! They were talking up a storm in Spanish!

Spanish Saber vs. Conocer Student Handout & Interactive Notebook Activity

Saber conocer INB


  • Love it!

Spanish Personal A Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Personal A Interactive Notebook Activity


  • This was a great practice activity after the lesson!

La pascua alrededor del mundo Listening Activity - Easter Traditions Around the World

La pascua listening Activity


  • Thanks a million.  I used it and it was fantastic!

Spanish Questions Google Drive Activity


Spanish Direct Object Pronouns Google Drive Activity

Spanish Object Pronouns Google Drive Activity


  • Love it!

  • This is wonderful, thank you!

  • Great activity!

Spanish Clothing Interactive Notebook Activity -FREE!

La ropa INB Activity1


  • This is wonderful!  Thanks for sharing!

  • This is a great activity to use now that we are a 1:1 school!

Spanish One Bell Ringers for an Entire Year

SpanishTwoBell Ringers1


  • Fabulous resource!  So thorough!

  • I use this daily in my classes!

Spanish Two Bell Ringers for an Entire Year

Spanish Two Bell Ringers


  • Great resource for my students as warm-ups, thanks!!!

Spanish One, Two, and Three Bell Ringers for an Entire Year

Spanish One,Two and Three Bell Ringers for an Entire Year


  • Great resources!  And a time saver! Thank you!

Spanish Classroom Objects Listening and Speaking Paired Activities



  • Great practice with vocabulary and the use of, “hay”.  ¡Gracias!

  • ¡Es perfecto para mi clase!

Spanish Clothing Paired Activity


Spanish Regular Verbs Listening Paired Activity


Spanish Ser Paired Activity


Spanish Ser Estar Speaking Paired Activities

Spanish Ser Eatar Activities PINS-1


  • Very helpful.  ¡Muchas gracias!

Spanish Weather Google Drive and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Weather Google Drive Activity


  • Great product!

Spanish Tener Expressions Activity and Student Handout

Spanish Tener Expressions Activity


  • Great resource for expressions. Thanks for offering this product.

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