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Spanish One and Two

Spanish One PowerPoints and Curriculm

All of my Spanish Power Points and Curriculum at a reduced price!  More than 25% Discount!


  • Excellent resources!  Great time saver!  Thank you so much!

  • I love this!  It saved me so much timed!  Thank you! 

  • Thank you so much for making these available!  They are excellent resources.  They are going to save my life this year!  I am actively suppressing a squeal while going through these.  There just isn’t enough time to plan all this stuff and you’ve made it so easy!  Seriousl, thank you!

  • Muchas gracias.  I am having so much fun looking through all of the power points, TPRS stories, and activities that you provided. Delivery was quick and easy!! Totally worth every penny!!

  • Thank you, Angie!  You have made my upcoming year not so terrifying with your guidance and resources. :) 

  • I am so excited to use the materials here!  The PowerPoints will be so helpful, especially.  They will grab my students’ attention and give lots of practice through the TPRS stories and grammar practice. 

  • It is very comprehensive of Spanish 1 curriculum.
  • Really awesome and helpful for myself and my students!  I love the TPR stories! 

  • I started teaching my students los mandatos and once they learn all of them I will rarely ever have to speak English in class!  They are loving it! :) Thank you Angie!  

  • Angie created an amazing resource.  It took me nearly all Sunday just to go through all the resources.  Directions are clear, stories and activities seem to be engaging and relevant.  I know it’s going to save me a ton on planning.

Spanish One Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year

Spanish One Lesson Plans1

Spanish Two Power Points and Curriculum Bundle


  • Great bundle!

  • An excellent resource.  I am very grateful for your products.  Just a note, the creator responds to emails and is a great resource.  Thank you, Angie!
  • Great resource. Thank you, Angie!!!

Spanish Conjugation of Regular Verbs


  • This file saved me hours of work! Thank you, Angie!

  • I love it!  

  • Best Powerpoint I have ever seen!

Spanish Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year


  • As always, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, AWESOME!! Thank you very much.  I appreciate your help, time, and dedication!!!  

  • So very helpful and useful - it ha made my year easier - thanks!

  • This has saved my life!  Thank you for taking the time to create and offer this as a huge resource!

Spanish One and Two PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle


  • I started in December of this year and this bundle saved me many sleepless nights.  Very engaging lessons and a bargain to boot!

Spanish One, Two, & Three Power Points and Curriculum Bundle


  • This is so great.  It was well-laid out and gives me everything I need to get my year started.  This was well worth every penny!

  • Amazing!  This is a wonderful resource to have for your career. I highly recommend this product.  It came very quickly in the mail and I am very impressed. Thank you!

  • This is such a comprehensive resource.  Vocabulary lists, homework sheets, games and activities, PowerPoint, rubrics.  It is all there and very well-organized. It is obvious that so much time was put into all of this, time you won’t have to spend creating everything.  Wonderful!

Spanish One, Two, Three and AP Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year


My awesome principal purchased this bundle of lesson plans and curriculum for the entire year.  It was so easy to download and open all the materials.  This product is worth more than its price.  Thanks to Rosie for all her years of hard work!  You’re the best!

Preguntas Power Point: Preguntas PowerPoint: How to Form Questions in Spanish


  • This was exactly what I needed to review/reinforce questions in Spanish.  Thank you! 

  • Very clear presentation. ¡Gracias!

Spanish Le Mauvais Éleve or El Mal Alumno


Spanish Postition of Adjectives for Spanish One


  • Wonderful!  ¡Gracias!

  • Great resource!

  • I like the way you explained and broke down “gran, bueno/malo” etc.  Thanks!

  • Great!  It was a big help!

Spanish Infinitivos for Spanish One

Spanish Infinitives PowerPoint - FREE!


  • Thanks a lot for your work. It is hard to find good products in Spanish, and I like this one a lot. It is the first time I use a product with powerpoint and I see a lot of advantages, I like the real life photos and the simple use of verbs with often a sentence given.

  • LOVE this PowerPoint!  I prefer to teach vocab visually and this is wonderfully put together…  Thank you! 

  • Wow!

Spanish Days and Months Power Point and Activities


  • Thank you so much!  The packet is amazing!  I am a first year teachers and it helped me a lot with my Spanish One class.

  • Testimonial: Great resource!  Thank you!

  • Excellent resource!  Looking forward to using it in my Spanish class.

Spanish PowerPoint on the Personal A in Spanish

Spanish Personal A Activities and TPR Story


  • Very fun and creative.

  • Excellent resource!

  • Wow! Great job and so many resources to use!  

  • Very thorough resource!

Spanish Personal A PowerPoint, Activities, and TPR Story 


  • My students really enjoyed this PowerPoint. ¡Muchas gracias!

  • Thanks again, Angie!  I was looking for something like this for my native speakers class, level two.  You manage to make interesting what would be a boring topic!  (If I taught it just using the book.)  Thank you!

Dos Verbos-How to Use Two Verbs in a Sentence for Spanish One and Two


  • ¡Muy impresionante!  This is a fantastic product.  Your PowerPoint is so clear and provides excellent practice.  The handout is super, too.  Love it!  ¡Gracias!

Spanish Dos Verbos: Comprehensible Input Using Two Verbs in a Sentence 


  • My Spanish One class just worked with a lot of this vocabulary so this will be great to add to the lesson!  Thanks for sharing!

Spanish Body and Health Power Point

A user said: I realy loved this when I needed to review with my medical terms unit! 

Other Testimonials:  

  • Very comprehensive for our health unit! 

  • My students thought this was hilarious! 

  • Kept the students on task! :)

 Youtube Explanation

Spanish Classroom Objects Power Point & Interactive Notebook Activities


  • This was great. I was able to modify it a little to delete some of the vocabulary my students didn't need. They enjoyed it. Thanks.

  • Great presentation!  

  • Awesome!  Thanks for making my year easier!

  • Very helpful!  Saved me lots of time to have this unit readily available!

  • Very creative.  Loved the pictures!

  • I used this at the beginning of the year and used it again yesterday as a review.  Love it!  ¡Muuuchas gracias!

  •  Thank you!  This product was exactly what I expected and will be helpful in my classroom

Conjugation Competition for Spanish One

Spanish Power Point on Reflexive Verbs


  • Producto de muy buena calidad, gracias. 

  • Very, very helpful!

Reflexive Verbs Activities and TPR Stories for Spanish One and Two


  • ¡Muchas gracias!  My class found this to be very helpful!

Spanish Stem-Changing verbs Power Point and Interactive Notebook Activity 


  • This powerpoint is outstanding!  Thank you for sharing!

  • Very well done.  Very thorough. 

  • As always, FANTASTIC! 

  • Perfect and my students loved it!  

  • Great examples of “boot” verbs!

Spanish Stem-Changing verbs Interactive Notebook Activities and Printables


  • Great resource!  

  • This PowerPoint was a great building block for my lesson!  Thank you!

Spanish Saber / Conocer Power Point 


  • Use it every time I teach this :)

  • Clear explanation of when to use conocer and when to use saber. 

  • Great product!  

  • GREAT product!  I willuse this wonderful tool in my lesson tomorrow.  THANKS!

Spanish Power Point on the Personal “A"

Spanish Go Verbs Power Point 


  • Outstanding power point on the go verbs! Thank you for sharing!

  • As always, thorough and simple to use! 

  • Awesome!  Very in depth.  Lots of activities. 

  • Great application and visuals of GO verbs!  

  • Very informative power point and quite humorous as well!!  My 7th graders got a kick out of some of the verbs  and were on task for the whole presentation.  Well done!

Spanish Ir, Venir, and Places Power Point, TPR Story and Activities  

This, "Ir, Venir and Places PowerPoint" has 130 engaging, colorful slides full of comprehensiblie input and visuals.  After students thoroughly practice the verbs "ir" and "venir" in context, and also the structure, "Ir + a + infinitive", the concepts are cemented in their minds with two TPR Stories, true/false activities, group activities, and a Scavenger Hunt.


  • Outstanding! Thank you for sharing!

  • Excellent job - relevant to high schoolers

  • There are a lot of ways I can use this material this coming year, from the quizzes to jus the practice slides.  There’s so much in here!  Thank you for all this work—it’s going to seriously help my students!

  •  Awesome!  Although I’ve been teaching for 10 years, this is my first time teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  I have downloaded other materials from you and they are all great!  Thank you!

Spanish Object Pronouns 

Spanish Object Pronouns


  • Another fantastic product from Angie!!!

  • A user said the following; “Good slide presentation.  Lots of information here.”

Spanish Hace que, Desde Cuando Power Point 


  • Very complete and full explanation of this topic  It really contains everything related to these expressions. 

  • Very fun story!  Right now I only needed the present tense notes and they were very complete (and now I have the other forms when needed). I loved that I could edit things to my needs.  A wonderful purchase! 

  • The kids loved the story!  Thanks!

Spanish Preterite / Pretérito Power Point, TPR Story, & Interactive Notebook Activities 


  • Very useful. Much more engaging than a worksheet.

  • Great for reviewing with my Spanish Fours! 

  • Love this!!!

  • Great resource!  ¡Gracias!

  • Fun story!  Students love these!

  • Looks great!  I look forward to using it with my class.  Ms. Torre has quality products.

Spanish Estar, Places, Emotions Power Point 


  • I already have this in my plans and can’t wait to use it!  

  • Another excellent product from you! 

  • Excelente for introducing the verb “to be” or for reviewing.  My students enjoyed this presentation.  Thank you!

Spanish Preguntas Tú, Usted, Ustedes Power Point

The formal teaching of how to ask and answer questions using "tú, Usted, Ustedes" greatly enhances the novice's ability to communicate in the language. 


  • Thank you for this power point.  It really came in useful to help practice the differences betwen tú and Usted.  

  • Great resource.  ¡Gracias!

Spanish Ser Power Point and TPR Story 


  • My students found this SO fun and funny! 

  • My students love the TPR stories!  

  • I love it!  The students were excited and understood the verb ser.
  • My students loved this story.  It was not long at all.  Students were engaged and wanted more!  I printed the activities as an activity.  It worked great.  I definitely recommend this product.  I teach HS 9th and 10th.  Thank you so much for this product.

Spanish Reflexive Verbs Video Puppet Shows 

These Spanish Reflexive Verbs Puppet Shows allow the teacher to monitor the class while the students watch the show and they provide comprehensible input and repetition  in context of the reflexive verbs and accompanying vocabulary, “para + infinitivo”, “antes de + infinitivo”, “después de + infinitivo”, and objects of the daily routine.

Spanish Plurals / Los plurales for Spanish One 

This 31-slide “Los plurales for Spanish One / Spanish Plurales” Power Point teaches students how touse the plurals in context.  It begins with words and builds to sentences.  Students learn how to form plurals of articles, nouns, verbs, and “hay”.


  • Very thorough, thanks.

Los adjetivos posesivos for Spanish One


  • ¡Excelente!  I love the power point and pictures.  Thank you for including an exam with the answer key!

  • Super helpful.  Great product.  Thank you so much for all the valuable work you do. :) 

  • Testimonial:  This is a nice, simple way to present possessive adjectives in Spanish.  The photos were a nice touch as were the practice sentences!

  • My students thoroughly enjoyed this.  Thank you!

Spanish Tener, TPR Story Power Point and Activities 


  • My students enjoyed discussing the story. ¡Gracias!  

  • The review of ser and estar usage with the verb TENER worked very well for my class.  The students enjoyed the story about Dolores incorporating tener usage and real people as characters.  ¡Excellent!

Spanish Alphabet PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Alphabet PowerPoint

Spanish Preterite Jeopardy and Activities 


  • Love it!

Spanish Irregular Preterite Power Point 


  • Good additional practice!

  • So helpful with reviewing! 

Spanish Gustar Power Point 


  • Very good PPT!! 

  • An incredibly thorough example of how to use GUSTAR.  ¡Gracias! 

  • Very thorough!

Spanish Preterite Power Points and Curriculum Bundle 


  • Un excelente trabajo.  Muchas gracias.

Spanish, “Comparativos y el superlativo” Power Point and Printables.


  • The worksheets are a great time saver.

  • Excellent resource!

  • With this power point I was able to review comparisons and superlatives.  Comparisons of equality were a new topic for my students and the examples provided were great.  

  •  A great resource to help review!  Tons of example slides. 

  •  Thank you!  Excellent PowerPoint, pictures, ideas, activities.  Very happy with the purchase.

Spanish, "Comparativos y el superlativo” Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Testimonial:  Nice lesson!  Great examples of comparatives and superlatives!

Spanish Ser vs. Estar No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Spanish Ser vs. Estar Power Point, Printables and Interactive Notebook Activity


  • Great resource! Thank you!

Spanish House and Chores Power Point and Interactive Notebook Activities 


  • This is wonderful…so comprehensive 

  • Ready to roll with this activity in a few days….can’t wait. 

  • Excellent resource!

Spanish House and Chores PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish House and Chores Interactive Notebook Activities (Including Google Drive Activity) 


  • I’m looking forward to using these activities this week!  They look great!  Thanks for the activities and the vocabulary list!

Spanish House and Chores Power Point and Curriculum


  • Very helpful!  Thank you!

Spanish Weather Power Point and Curriculum 

Spanish Weather el tiempo PowerPoint and Curriculum


  • Great way to get the kids familiar with the vocabulary.

  • Great resource!

  • Wonderful pictures.  Made the presentation to class more effective!

  • Very useful, very practical, very helpful. Thank you!

Spanish Weather, el tiempo Power Point and Interactive Notebook Activity


  • Another great resource.  Used it with my 7th graders as we talked about our fall-winter weather.

Spanish Classroom Objects Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities 

Spanish Classroom Objects Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities


  • I love digital interactie activities to review vocabulary!  

  • Used the word list with the 5th grade class.  Thank you

  • So useful!  Thanks!

Spanish Sports Los deportes Power Point and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Sports Los deportes PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities


  • Excellent product!  Thank you!

  • Great product!  Thank you!

Spanish Sports Los deportes PowerPoint and Curriculum


  • Love this!  Especially the audio component of the slides!  It allows to hear “another voice” pronouncing new vocab!

Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs Interactive Notebook Activities and Printables

Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs Interactive Notebook Activities and Printable

Testimonial: Great!

Spanish Places Los lugares PowerPoint & Interactive Notebook Activity

Spanish Places, Los lugares Places Power Point  and Interactive Notebook Activity


  •  These visuals are so great!

  • Great product!

Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities for Spanish One, Two, and Three

Interactive Notebook Activities and Google Drive Activities for Spanish One, Two, and Three


  • I  love all this seller’s stuff!

  • Wonderful job!

Spanish One, Two, & Three PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle


  • I am currently using the Spanish 2 portion of this product and I really like what you have provided.   It is very easy to use and very well organized.  I am anxious to use more of this product next year in Spanish 1 and Spanish 3. Thanks.

Spanish One, & Two PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle


  • Mrs. Angie Torre, you have saved me this year! I was hired o August 22 the first day of class.  It turns out that my school did not have a curriculum and if it wasn’t for you I would have been a miserable teacher!  Thank you so much!  This product has been helping me this whole semester.

Spanish Two Homework for an Entire Year

Spanish Two Student Handouts for an Entire Year


  • Wonderfully thorough!  Can’t wait to use these!

Spanish Two Test and Quizzes for an Entire Year

Spanish Two Tests and Quizzes

Testimonial: Good resource.

Spanish Numbers PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Numbers PowerPoint and Activities


  • Great product!

  • I love that this product has practice with the presentation. This saved me a lot of time and effort.  Thanks!

Spanish Adjectives PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities



  • Great resource!

Spanish Greetings, Los saludos PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.42.52 PM

Spanish Alphabet PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Alphabet PowerPoint


  • I got this as I prepare for the new teaching year.  I love how thorough this product is.  Thank you so very much for your work!

Spanish One, Two, and Three Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year

Spanish One Two Three Lesson Plans


  • This product is so thorough.  The lesson plans are provided for each day and all of the PowerPoints and documents are editable so you can tweak them to your needs.  This is a quality product very much worth the money.  As a teacher new to comprehensible input, this product has really helped me feel more organized and more prepared to present quality lessons to my language learners. RATING: 4.0 / 4.0

Spanish One Student Handouts



  • Great time saver!

Spanish One and Two Student Handouts



  • Life saver, time saver AND worth the purchase. Great for review back to school!!! ¡Gracias!

  • So helpful!  Thank you very much!

Spanish Subject Pronouns PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities


  • Great product!
Spanish Subject Pronouns PowerPoint

La familia PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Family PowerPoint1

Spanish One Bell Ringers for an Entire Year

Spanish One Bell Ringers1

Spanish One and Two Bell Ringers for an Entire Year

Spanish Two Bell Ringers 2 copy

Spanish Prepositions PowerPoint, Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities

Prepositions PowerPoint and Activities Pinterest


  • Great resource and the students loved it!

Spanish Subject Pronouns PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities

Spanish Subject Pronouns PowerPoint


  • Really helped my students!

Spanish Christmas PowerPoint, Culture, and Activities

Spanish Christmas PowerPoint, Culture, and Activities


  • Beautiful PowerPoint!  ¡Gracias!

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