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Do you often feel overwhelmed, stressed, inadequate?

My blog is dedicated to helping World Language teachers reduce burn-out by providing teaching tips and strategies that save time, improve the learning environment, engage students and lead them to proficiency in Spanish and French.

How to Check for Understanding

Do you know how to check for understanding?  I was sure I did, so when my principal told me she not only wanted me to attend the lesson-planning training she also wanted me to facilitate it, I [...]

TPT Valentine’s Day Sale

TPT Valentine’s Day Sale is here:  February 14th and 15th.  Save 20%. Everything in my Store, including large bundles and lesson plans will be 15% off. Put in the code XOXO to get an extra [...]

The Best Spanish Resources of 2017

One of my goals is to save World Language teachers time.  Would you like to see the most popular Spanish resources for 2017?  Here are the best Spanish resources of 2017 all in one place so you [...]

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