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TPR Stories and Comprehensible Input

    The lack of comprehensible input in textbooks necessitates supplementary materials. No text has enough comprehensible input to enable the students to assimilate and produce language fluidly and much of the written text provided by textbook companies is too dry to engage students. These stories take the vocabulary and grammar of the each level and provide the repetition necessary for student production of the language.

TPR Stories for Spanish One and Two


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     Eleven TPR stories with accompanying activities. The stories encompass most of the vocabulary for Spanish One and much of Spanish Two, including one activity for the present and preterite tense. Stories are fun and capture the attention of the students. The vocabulary covered is: the house and chores, adjectives, the classroom objects, places, the post office, travel and more. Stories include the following activities: true/false, complete the sentences, answer the questions, put the events in order, write your own story using the vocabulary. The stories and activities work together to provide the necessary repetition in context and manipulation of the language. All stories have answer keys and some have drawings. 

TPR Story with Spanish One Vocabulary

     After teaching objects and some conjugations this story provides good comprehensible input because it models language in context, solidifies the meaning of the verbs and vocabulary and helps students begin to write meaningful sentences. Students have many opportunities to hear, read and write the vocabulary as they act out the words, then the story, listen to the story while looking at the corresponding drawings (provided). They manipulate the language again by writing True/False statements, answering questions, putting events in order, listening to and reading another story using the same vocabulary and, finally, writing their own story using the vocabulary.

Spanish Adjectives, Ser, and Gustar TPR Story


  • My first year students are enjoying this and I like the fact that it correlates well with the text curriculum my school uses!  Thanks! 

  • Engaging for students!

  • Thank you. I am finishing my second year of teaching Spanish I,II, & II, and the textbook we use is just not providing my students with everything they need to become proficient.  I look forward to teaching using comprehensible input more next year.

  • Can’t wait to use this!!!!!

     In this packet are two goofy, engaging stories about Jorge and Linda. Both stories reinforce the adjectives, ser, and gustar for level one Spanish. In addition to the vocabulary and stories the materials include the following activities: true/false, complete the sentences, answer the questions, put the events in order, corresponding story pictures, write your own story using the new vocabulary and answer keys. These activities provide the necessary repetition and manipulation of the language that enable students to assimilate and produce the target language.

Spanish Travel Vocabulary TPR Story in the Present and Preterite


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     This TPR story supplements any travel vocabulary by providing the necessary comprehensible input, i.e., repetition in context. It is a story about an unfortunate traveler who faces many obstacles, some ridiculous, on his journey to meet a friend. It includes travel vocabulary, the TPR story and the following activities: true/false, complete the sentences, answer the questions a cloze activity and answer keys. The first activities are in the present tense. Later, after teaching the preterite, the teacher may use the cloze activity to reinforce the travel vocabulary, provide more comprehensible input and practice the preterite.

Spanish Hobbies and Places TPR Story

     This is an engaging story about a couple who have very different interests and hobbies. Students want to know how it will end. Will she stay with him or choose someone else? In addition to the vocabulary and story the packet includes the following activities: true/false, complete the sentences, answer the questions, put the events in order, corresponding story pictures, and write your own story using the new vocabulary. These activities provide the necessary repetition and manipulation of the language needed in order to assimilate and produce the target language. The vocabulary includes connecting words which allow students to create language early on and also teaches "conmigo, contigo".

Spanish House and Chores TPR Story


  • The two stories are fabulous. And follow my curriculm perfectly.

  • Another lesson for the house and chore unit!  Thanks!  I have something for 2 days and 1 day I will be absent.  Muchas gracias.

  • Used it in class last year.  I will definitely use it again!  

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  • Used this in a variety of ways, but enjoyed doing it tprs style. 

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     Two stories which reinforce the vocabulary of the house and chores. They can also be used as a prelude to lessons in direct object pronouns and the verbs, "hacer" and "poner". In the first story, Melisa's daughter proceeds to mess up every room in the house while Melisa cleans up after her. Then, miraculously, she begins cleaning and Melisa can't figure out why. In the second story, a spy is looking for tapes and is in danger of getting caught. In addition to the vocabulary and story the packet includes the following activities: true/false, complete the sentences, answer the questions, write your own story using the new vocabulary and answer keys.

Spanish Preterite Practice TPR Stories


  • My students had great fun acting out one of these stories. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Can’t wait to put the preterite tense into action with these stories! 

  • Intense story lines that capture student interet and provide them with needed practice.  Thank you!  

     Four original TPR stories with accompanying activities: true/false questions, complete the sentence, answer the questions and cloze activities/assessments. All have answer keys. Stories are funny and capture the attention of the students. These stories provide the necessary repetition in context and manipulation of the language to ensure students can communicate freely about past events.

Spanish Classroom Objects TPR Stories


  • Perfect. Thank you!

  • This was so helpful for my middle school Spanish class.  Thanks!  

Three silly TPR stories about a hapless student who has very bad luck. The stories reinforce the vocabulary for classroom objects, allow students to hear the objects in context, and introduce various verbs and connecting words.

Spanish Places TPR Story


  • This is a great buy.  Very interactive and engaging.  Thank you!

     In this packet there are two stories that reinforce the vocabulary for places (el correo, el banco, la tienda, etc) as well as other related verbs and vocabulary. Both stories are engaging and capture the interest of the students. In the first story, María breaks up with Paco and Paco does everything he can to get her back. In the second story, Juanita is interested in Carlos but he is with another girl. In addition to the vocabulary and story the packet includes the following activities: true/false, complete the sentences, answer the questions, write your own story using the new vocabulary and answer keys.

Spanish Non-intentional “Se” TPR Story


  • I didnt’ feel that our textbook covered this very well and this was just what I needed! 

  • My students really enjoyed this activity.  It really helped them understand the non-intentional “se”. 

  • A tough concept for kids.  Well done!  Thank you!

After teaching the non-intentional "se" (Se le cayeron las llaves.), I tell this story so students can see and hear this structure in context and so it will cement in their minds. The story uses the "se le" structure many times to describe all the awful things that happen to Marisela one day. It also includes a true/false activity in which they mark true or false and correct the false statements using the "se le" construction once again. Lastly, there are instructions with a rubric on how to write their own story in pairs using the non-intentional "se" and certain verbs which use this structure frequently. This activity progresses from receptive to productive language. Answers are provided for the true/false activity.
Comprehensible Input for the Non-Intentional "se" for Spanish Three and Four.

Spanish Ser Estar TPR Story and other Activities


  • My students loved this story and activities! 

  • My students loved this story!!! We'll be finishing the activities tomorrow.

  • What a fun story!  My students had a great time acting out this story while exploring when to use ser and estar. 

  • Good story to use as review of Ser and Estar for Spanish Two

  • What a great activity!  Students were able to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking and had so much fun!  

  • This was a wonderful activity for my Spanish 2 class.  It waas easy for us to stay in the target language using the scaffolding.  I’ll definitely be using this one again.  Thank you!

     This story is about the twins, Ana and María. One day, María is too sick to go to school so Ana goes to her classes in her place. She also goes out with María's boyfriend while pretending to be María. Students stay engaged in the story to see what happens next. The story provides language in context to help the students assimilate the concept of ser and estar. After the dramatization of the story, students write in the verbs "ser" and "estar" and answer questions about the story. The narrative is written in the present tense and may be used before the lesson on the preterite. Also included are: a paired activity for Spanish Two, a paired activity for Spanish Three, a practice activity in which students write the reason for each verb in the sentence, ( It may be used for guided practice, for homework or for a test)and an EDI lesson plan for ser and estar. All answers are provided except for the paired activities.

Spanish TPR Stories for Spanish Three


  • I wish I had found this sooner. The stories are interesting and are great for helping kids learn. 

  • Loved these stories!!!!

  • This is a fabulous collection of stories useful not only for Spanish 3 but also Spanish 2 (preterite and imperfect).

  • I think the product is great!  I am super happy to have so many stories to use with my students; they are real, applicable to their lives and very comprehensible!  Great job!

  • A ton of stories here!  Where to start

  • Fantastic for reviewing preterite and imperfect!

In this packet are 18 goofy, engaging stories, a puppet show and a competition which reinforce the following Spanish Three grammatical concepts: stem-changing verbs in the present, "go" verbs, "ir" stem changing verbs in the preterite, imperfect vs. preterite, present subjunctive, imperfect subjunctive, reflexive verbs, and the present perfect. Stories are fun because the students want to see how they end. The materials include the following activities: true/false, complete the sentence, cloze stories, write your own ending, answer the questions, choose present or imperfect subjunctive, choose commands or present subjunctive.

Spanish To Become TPR Story

This TPR Story and accompanying activities provide repetition in context of the expressions for “to become” in Spanish and the use of the reflexive “se” to mean “to become”.  They include the following: Vocabulary for the TPR Story, the TPR Story using the expressions, “to become”, questions using the “to become” expressions and a Cloze activity in which students write the appropriate expression “to become” in the blanks.


  • Thanks for this resource!  It’s so hard to find resources that explain the difference between uses of, “become” in Spanish.

Spanish Hace Que, Desde Cuándo TPR Story

This TPR story is about a girl who likes Pepe.  Her friend, Alicia, tells her that Pepe has a girlfriend.  There story and comprehension questions repeat the expressions, "hace que+ present tense" and, "desde cuándo, desde hace" many times. 


  • The kids loved the story! 

Spanish Irregular Preterite TPR Story


  • Cute story. I like the photos to go along with the story. 

  • Loved it!  Great activity!

  • Super-cute TPRS story.

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This Irregular Preterite TPR Story PowerPoint is about a teacher who loves Snickers. Even though does everything she can to hide her extra-large Snickers from her students they keep finding it and eating it. Finally, she manages to keep it for herself but then has a bigger problem. 

The TPR Story repeats the irregular preterite of the following verbs: estar, poner, venir, ver, ir, irse, and tener. Students recycle the verbs in context by rewriting the story, changing only the underlined parts.

Spanish Double Object Pronoun TPR Story


  • Students loved the story and laughed and learned at the same time.

  • My students loved this story!  I'm going to have them rewrite their versions today!  Thank you so much! 

  • ¡Buen trabajo!  Ahora mis estudiantes tienen claro el concepto de los pronombres dobles (Indirecto y directo).  Muchas gracias. 

  • This was a wonderful last minute resource. I love that I could personalize the presentation and worksheet to my current students. I just used "Find and Replace" with the names. I can't wait to continue using this year after year. Well worth the $3 - it would have taken me hours to make.

  • I can’t wait to use this next year…I love that you have a presentation and a separate reading with questions.  Thank you! 

  • My students loved this.  They thought it was hysterical and it kept them engaged. Thank you! 

  • Awesome!  I teach 8th grade and the kids LOVED the story - I brought some teddy bears from home to help with the story-telling.  For once, my students were silent and spell-bound.  

This 47-slide PowerPoint and activities is a story about a boy who tries to impress a girl with Sra. Torre's teddy bear. He steals the bear and gives it to a girl but it ends up getting passed to many different people before it ends up where it belongs. The TPR story includes many uses of direct, indirect and double object pronouns and is illustrated with engaging photos.

Spanish Subjunctive-Cláusulas Adjetivales TPR Story


  • Fantastic! 

  • Students and I loved this!  It’s funny and easily leads into a nice assignment for them to write about their own ‘dream job’.  Gracias!  

  • Great way to show the subjunctive in a story! 

This 25-slide Subjunctive Cláusulas Adjetivales TPR Story provides many examples of the subjunctive with cláusulas adjetivales. Paco, in his search for a job, goes to visit he career counselor. She asks him questions to help him decide what career to pursue. In the end, he does not get a job but he does get something from the counselor.

The Cláusulas Adjetivales TPR Story PowerPoint also includes an activity in which students answer true or false. The activity also includes many examples of the subjunctive with adjective clauses.

Spanish Subjunctive TPR Story Power Point

This 42-slide TPR Story uses the subjunctive in context as it tells the story of a girl who finally gets to go out with her dream boy.  However, she faces some obstacles that may dash her hopes.


  • My students really enjoyed this. 

  • My students loved acting this out and the pictures were very helpful.  Great product!  

  • This was a great activity.  It had the right level of difficulty. 

  • Love!

  • This REALLY REALLY REALLY helped me explain this to my students.  Really, everybody needs it. 

TPR Stories for French One and Two

Twelve French TPR Stories, puppet shows, dialogues for comprehensible input for the following vocabulary and grammar concepts:   classroom objects, verbs, woman/man and high-frequency verbs, vocabulary for French One, information questions, re/ir verb, the use of two verbs, the verb "connaitre", le passé composé, l'imparfait et le passé composé. 

Testimonial:  an excellent way to work on proficiency 

Ser TPR Story and Interactive Notebook Activities for Spanish One

In this TPR Story two boys like the same girl.  The story uses the verb "ser" in context many times and has accoompanying activities.


  • My students found this SO fun and funny! 

  • Perfect for high school students, ha ha!

  • Me encanta tanto la idea de una historia simple en PowerPoint!!  No printing, just enjoy.  :)  Cool!   Me gusta la idea y mi hija puede recordar fácilmente las palabras y el uso del verbo.  Voy a comprar más aquí.  :) 

  • Students and I loved this!  It’s funny and easily leads into a nice assignment for them to write about their own ‘dream job’.  Gracias! 

  • Wonderful!  My students LOVED the story - they were really into it! 

  • School has been in session for only three weeks. Not only were my Spanish One students able to comprehend this story, they were on the edge of their seats.  Every student, every period, was completely engaged in the story.  They LOVED it!!  Thank you. :)

Spanish Ir, Venir, and Places PowerPoint, TPR Stories and Activities

This, "Ir, Venir and Places PowerPoint" has 130 engaging, colorful slides full of comprehensiblie input and visuals.  After students thoroughly practice the verbs "ir" and "venir" in context, and also the structure, "Ir + a + infinitive", the concepts are cemented in their minds with two TPR Stories, true/false activities, group activities, and a Scavenger Hunt.

Spanish Preterite / Pretérito PowerPoint and TPR Story


  • Great story - easy to incorporate into my class! 

  • Very useful.  Much more engaging than a worksheet.

  • Testimonial:  Students love it!  ¡Gracias!  

This 99-slide Preterite/Pretérito PowerPoint and activities begins and ends with comprehensible input in Spanish. It covers all of the regular preterite verbs including those with orthographic and stem changes. The TPR Story is about a messy girl who suddenly become neat because… The TPR Story uses many examples of the preterite tense and captures the attention of the students with engaging videos for each scene.

Spanish Gustar Video Puppet Shows

These Spanish Gustar Video Puppet Shows provide comprehensible input and repetition in context of the verb "gustar" and accompanying expressions while allowing the teacher to monitor the students .


  • I love your stuff!  It will be SSSSOOOO helpful to me!  I will enjoy using this in class and I'm sure my students will appreciate it too!  I've LONG searched for TPR Stuff to use in class and this falls right in with exactly the things we've been learning!  Thanks for sharing!

  • Children enjoyed it.  Good to reinforce what they learned. 

  • Saw the videos.  They were clear and funny.  I am looking forward to using them with my students in the fall when we practice the verb gustar. 

  • Very cute videos on gustar. I think my 7th graders will love them!  Gracias!
  • Excellent resource!

  • My students loved these!  

Spanish Reflexive Verbs Video Puppet Shows

These Spanish Reflexive Verbs Puppet Shows allow the teacher to monitor the class while the students watch the show and they provide comprehensible input and repetition  in context of the reflexive verbs and accompanying vocabulary, “para + infinitivo”, “antes de + infinitivo”, “después de + infinitivo”, and objects of the daily routine.


  • This is fun learning! 

TPR Story for the Conditional Tense in Spanish

This Spanish TPR Story is about a girl with many problems who finds a genie in a bottle.  The genie can grant her only one wish.  What does she wish for?  The TPR Story uses the conditional tense many times.


  • Great story/activity.  Thanks!

  • My Spanish 3 students really enjoyed this story as a review of the conditional, working our way into the subjunctive. 

  • Great story!  Good reinforcement of the conditional. 

  • My kids loved acting this story out.  Very helfpul! 

  • Used this last year.  It was a great addition for my students.  

Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs TPR Story


  • Kids love TPR and this makes it easy. 

  • Thank you!  Did this in groups with the kiddos and they enjoyed it.
  • LOVE these! Excellent practice!

Spanish Dos Verbos: Comprehensible Input Using Two Verbs in a Sentence

The formal teaching and practice of the use of two verbs in a sentence greatly increases students' ability to communicate in Spanish. Students also need repetition in context in order to acquire the new structures and vocabulary. After watching this PowerPoint, and practicing with the PowerPoint, "Dos verbs: How to Use Two Verbs in a Sentence for Spanish One and Two", students will be using two verbs in a sentence with ease, and thus speaking more fluidly.


  • My Spanish One class just worked with a lot of this vocabulary so this will be great to add to the lesson!  Thanks for sharing!  

Spanish Tener, TPR Story PowerPoint, and Activities


  • The review of ser and estar usage with the verb TENER worked very well for my class.  The students enjoyed the story about Dolores. Incorporating tener usage and real people as characters. ¡Excelente!

  • My students enjoyed discussing the story.  ¡Gracias! 

Spanish Pedir vs. Preguntar TPR Story PowerPoint and Printables

pedir preguntar TPRS


  • Thank you!  Many of the free resources aren’t so comprehensive or as high quality.  Thank you for sharing so generously!

Spanish TPR Story Power Points and Comprehensible Input Bundle 


  • Good resource to add stories to language classes.

  • A lot of stuff.  This is a great deal and I recommend buying the bundle even if you don’t teach all the levels.  You can use them later or introduce them to the material.  I got this about a week ago and I am still looking through all the jewels in this pack.  Thank you!

  • Excellent resource for TPRS!

Illustrated Spanish TPR Stories and Comprehensible Input Bundle



  • Thank you for the products.  They are amazing and help with comprehensible input.

Spanish Video for, “Los demostrativos


  • This is great!

Spanish Video for the Expression, “Ir + a + Infinitivo


  • Love this!

Spanish Video for Object Pronouns


  • Amazing!

Spanish Video for the Present Perfect

Spanish Video for the Future Tense


  • Great to have authentic speaker in video

Spanish Video for the Subjunctive - Las cláusulas adjetivales


  • There are so many differnt ways to use this and it’s relevant to high school students.  THANK YOU! 

  • Really great resource!

Spanish Video for the Conditional Tense


  • I love the video and extra assignments.

Spanish Video for the Present Progressive


  • Great comprehension check on the first day of learning this concept.  Thanks!

Spanish Video for Saber y conocer


  • This really helps with showing the difference in usage.  Thanks!

  • Great.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  

Spanish Video for los comparativos y el superlativo


  • It worked quite well for my lesson.  

  • This is absolutely perfect with the sports in Spanish-speaking countries unit I’m using to cover the comparatives grammar point.  Well-done!

  • ¡Buenísimo el material!  ¡Gracias!

Spanish Video for the Present Subjunctive Los mandatos implícitos


  • Great for an opener for a subjunctive review --Thank you!

Spanish Video for Imperfect Tense

Spanish Video for the Preterite and Imperfect

31 Spanish Videos for Comprehensible Input

Spanish Videos for Comprehensible Input


  • Great bundle!  These are simple, yet effective videos for different topics.  They all have subtitles so the students get the listening and the reading, and go nicely with Angie’s curriculum.  Even if you do not use her curriculum, they are excellent teaching tools.

  • Excellent listening resource!

  • These are great videos.  ¡Gracias!

Spanish Clothing La ropa Video


  • The best product I ever had! :)  Thank you!

  • Exellent!

  • Great activity for clothing unit!

  • Fantastic!  Thanks!

  • Great video, very comprehensible and thorough. Thanks!

Spanish Possessive Adjectives Video and Activities


  • My students loved the video!

  • Great resource, thanks!

Spanish La hora y las clases Video


  • Love the cute backstory between the two characters!  The class was able to follow as level one students without a problem.

Spanish Video, ¿Qué te gusta hacer?


  • I love these videos!!! Keep ‘em coming:)

  • Excellent resource!

  • This will be a perfect listening activity!

  • Great video.  It kept the kiddos entertained and it was comprehensible. Thanks!

¿De dónde eres? Video

Spanish Ser Video

Spanish Greetings Video Las salutaciones y las despedidas

Spanish One Videos

Spanish One Videos


  • Good quality videos and fits a need to have authentic speech models and examples for lessons.  

Spanish Two Videos

Spanish Two Videos1