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A vast array of instructional materials including PowerPoints, videos, paired activities, TPR Stories, AP Spanish resources, textbooks, lesson plans, Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities, Student Handouts, Games, and much more.


Keep students engaged with hands-on Interactive Notebook Activities, Google Drive Activities, Paired and Group Activities, Fail-Proof Activities, and Games.
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The vocabulary and grammar PowerPoints have captivating visuals for comprehensible input and are complete lesson plans with explain, check for understanding, practice and closure. Most come with activities and pintables.

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TPR Stories & Comprehensible Input

Illustrated TPR Story Power Points, illustrated and text only TPR Stories, over 30 videos, dialogues, puppet shows, readings, songs, listening activities, cloze activities, comprehension activities, strip stories, activities for movies, competitions, and culture activities.

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What’s better comprehensible input than conversation with a native speaker? Videos of native speakers with Spanish subtitles AND overlaid visuals and animation to aid in comprehension, with music and corresponding activities for recycling and repetition of vocabulary and concepts.
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Save 15-25% by buying bundled resources.


Lesson Plans & Textbooks

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on textbooks when this curriculum provides much more for so much less? Why spend precious hours writing lesson plans and reinventing the wheel? No-Prep lesson plans save you time and engage students leading them to proficiency in the target language. This curriculum is kid-tested, refined during 30 years of teaching.

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