Back-to-School Survival Tips

Spanish E-book

It’s BACK-TO-SCHOOL MANIA! Here are some back-to-school tips for the beginning of your school year.

Back to School Spanish E-book Free Resources

Spanish E-book

Over 20 of the top Spanish Teachers share their free resources and back-to-school tips in this ebook.  There are also other materials to get your classes started out right. Freebies include games, PowerPoints, task cards, attention-getters, classroom signs, and much more. Click on the link to get these awesome resources: Back to School Ebook


At the beginning of the school year, it’s nice to start out with a repertoire of engaging activities.  Here is another HUGE back-to-school gift for you: Twenty-four of my freebies all in one place: Spanish Sampler

Want more tips on how to start the year out right?  Check out this blog post: Back-to-school Survival Tips

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