Best Back-to-School Advice Ever! BUY SHOES!

I remember my first student-teacher job.  My master teacher looked at my stiletto shoes and said, “Are you going to teach in those?”  I didn’t understand her question. That’s because I was young and naive. Don’t make my mistake.  Make your back-to-school experience a good one.

The Best Back-to-School Advice Ever!

The best back-to-school advice I can offer is, “Buy shoes.”

COMFORTABLE shoes, that is.  Who wears heels for standing and walking all day?  It’s documented that heels and pointy-toed shoes hurt your back and deform your feet.  Here are a few of many articles that go into detail on the subject:  ABC News    BACK PAIN

How many years have women let FASHION DICTATES damage their feet?  Has our thinking and culture evolved any since the subjugating practice of breaking women’s toes and binding their feet to force them into tiny shoes?  This custom continued for a THOUSAND years in China around the 13th century!  I don’t understand why women wear heels in this age of gender equality.

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When I’m on my feet all day I don’t want to be distracted by the pain in my feet. I want comfort and the ability to get from Susy-on-Task to Bobby-Fidget-Spinner in smooth painfree strides.  To walk quickly around the room as I’m teaching.  To spin away from the board at lightning speed in order to shoot dragon-fire glares at misbehaving students.  Whom I love with all my heart – seriously!

 One of the best classroom management strategies is proximity.  Proximity requires proper footwear.

Back-to-school tips

So now is the time to contribute to the economy by heading out to your nearest athletic shoe store or Birkenstocks.  Your feet will thank you.

The second-best back-to-school advice ever is,”Fill your teacher-toolbox with enough comprehensible input to provide tons of repetition in context.”  Toward that end, you might like these popular VIDEOS.  Your students will love them!

In the next blog we will continue discussing strategies for motivating unmotivated learners.  Stay tuned!  If you missed the previous blogs on the topic, click here: How to Motivate Unmotivated Learners

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Spanish Greetings Video- Los saludos y las despedidas
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Spanish Future Tense Video for Comprehensible Input Woman on the beach: Me relajaré en la playa.
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