How to Get Your School to Pay for Resources

In this post, I will tell you, step by step, how to get your school to pay for resources that will save you time, save your sanity, and bring your students to proficiency.

Before I do that, I’d like to share about my journey from the land of shortage to the treasure trove of quality resources.  Afterward, you will have a reference when approaching your administrator.  You will also have more information about why and how I created my materials and a blueprint of how to pursue financial assistance from your school to purchase these and other time-saving and stress-reducing products.

When I was a new teacher, I was amazed that world language educators were expected to teach with so few resources to accomplish our instructional goals. I had no time for a life. I spent every waking hour creating resources and lesson plans.  My life would have been so much easier if I had had access to ready-made resources.

How to Get Your School to Pay for Resources

Why didn’t anyone tell me how time-consuming this job was?

How could I use the target language 90% of the time if students didn’t know what I was saying?

How could they know what I was saying if they didn’t have the necessary visuals?  How could I create the visuals and resources at the end of a long day spent with 175 students?

For 31 years I worked 12-hour days creating those resources and lesson plans, always refining and improving with the latest ideas, technology, and strategies.

So now you don’t have to!

I discarded the ineffective activities and kept the kid-approved ones.

Why re-invent the wheel and waste time with trial and error? I already did that! It’s a bad use of your time!

My vocabulary and grammar PowerPoints have captivating visuals (which took forever to find and aren’t cheap) and are complete lessons in themselves.

My TPR Stories  and Videos with native speakers, pop-in images, and Spanish subtitles are excellent comprehensible input.

My hands-on Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities keep students engaged.

My AP Spanish Resources help students succeed on the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.

But what if you didn’t even have to write lesson plans and could still be assured your students would be engaged and proficient?

What a time-saver!

All you have to do is TEACH, correct papers and go home!

The TODOS PREPARADOS LESSON PLANS AND CURRICULUM has done everything for you!  Join hundreds of other teachers who have balance in their lives.  Click the links below to see them:

Todos preparados Spanish One

Todos preparados Spanish Two

Todos preparados Spanish Three

Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum (has 50% of the lesson plans)

AP Spanish Lesson Plans and Curriculum

Click HERE to get a FREE Adjectives Lesson Plan with bell work, interactive notebook activities, homework, student handouts, and listening activity for Spanish One.

EVEN BETTER…What if you didn’t have to write lesson plans AND you could get your school to pay for the resources?

Now you can!

With over three million resources available, TpT for Schools is an easy way for schools to get high quality, affordable materials.  Before, schools had to be on a waiting list but now TpT is open to all interested schools.  Over 5,000 schools from around the world have joined TpT for Schools. Here is the link to join: TpT for Schools


  1. Your administrator registers his / her school using an existing TpT account or by creating a new account (FREE).
  2. Your administrator invites teachers to make requests.
  3. Your administrator purchases and distributes licenses to teachers. (He / She must buy a license for each teacher who wishes to use the resource.)
  4. Teachers browse, choose products and send requests to the administrator with an explanation of how the resource will benefit students and / or the department.
  5. Your administrator approves or disapproves the resource.
  6. The resource is put in the school TpT library. (Teachers can use their own TpT account)



  • Tell your administrator about ACTFL, the world language authority. Tell him / her that the association recommends we use 90% target language in our classes but that is impossible to accomplish without the necessary resources.  We need proper visuals in order to help students understand what we are saying. Imagine trying to understand someone who is speaking a language you don’t speak! We can’t teach, create lesson plans and still have time to create the resources. One good-quality PowerPoint with engaging visuals can take weeks, sometimes months to create!
  • If we had a TpT resource library, everyone would have access to the same materials, which would foster collaboration. That would also be ideal for PLCs!
  • The resources are already student-tested, and the lesson plans are created by exemplary teachers.


  • TODOS PREPARADOS TEXTBOOK: Tell your administrator that, instead of spending $20,000 for each level of Spanish, he/she can spend $365 per teacher with a 10% discount for every additional teacher plus the cost of printing (Many resources can be provided digitally to students, particularly homework.), a savings of about $18,000 per level. (18,000 x 4 levels = $72,000) And, if you buy more than one level at a time, you get an even greater discount, up to 15% off.
  • Show your administrator the video below.


Ask your administrator to register and get started.  Learn more HERE.

Click to TRY IT OUT NOW!

Click HERE to see a video that explains how easy it is to use TPT for Schools.

Click HERE for a step-by-step PowerPoint Explanation

Now that you know how to get your school to pay for your resources, you can begin the fun process of browsing and making requests!

Still have questions? Email TpT at [email protected]

If you would like to see the Facebook Live about TpT for Schools and how to incorporate videos into your lesson, with special Tpt guest, Carissa Chen, see below.

In our next post we will talk about more services that help our students speak the target language outside the classroom.

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