Cajas de cartón Vocabulary, Activities and Quizzes for Spanish Four or AP


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Cajas de cartón Vocabulary, Activities and Quizzes for 13 chapters (including, “Nota del autor”) of, “Cajas de carton” by Francisco Jiménez. Students of levels three, four and AP Spanish love this novel because it is true, fascinating, relatable, and helps them understand life from the immigrant’s point of view.

This Cajas de cartón Vocabulary, Activities and Quizzes includes the following resources:

~Alphabetized vocabulary lists with Spanish and English for each of the following chapters:

• Bajo la alambrada
• Soledad
• De dentro hacia fuera
• Milagro en Tent City
• El ángel de oro
• El aguinaldo
• La muerte perdonada
• El costal de algodón
• Cajas de carton
• El juego de la patada
• Tener y retener
• Peregrinos inmóviles
• Nota del autor

~Quizzes for all 13 chapters in which students answer comprehension questions, complete the sentences using the given vocabulary, write original sentences with the given vocabulary, complete the sentences using the vocabulary, and answer questions in which students must make inferences

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Your students will love reading Cajas de cartón and will love Cajas de cartón Vocabulary, Activities and Quizzes.

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