Infinitivos PowerPoint for Spanish One (FREE)

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The purpose of this 121-slide Spanish Infinitives PowerPoint is to present and convey the meaning of the verbs through engaging visuals and language in context. It begins by explaining how to conjugate regular verbs in the “yo” form and includes visuals of 50 verbs including the irregulares, “ir” and “ser”. The PowerPoint also uses the verbs in sentences and, after several verbs, checks for understanding for frequent interaction with students. There is a quiz at the end. Answers included.

Grade Levels
8th, 9th, 10th, Homeschool
Resource Type
PowerPoint Presentations, Minilessons
What Users Have Said:
~ “LOVE this power point! I prefer to teach vocab visually and this is wonderfully put together…..thank you! Sandra”
~ “Wow!”
~ “Thanks a lot for your work. It is hard to find good products in spanish, and I like this one a lot. It is the first time I use a product with powerpoint and I see a lot of advantages, I like the real life photos and the simple use of verbs with often a sentence given.”
~ “Espectacular! Thank you for sharing!”



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