Spanish Adjectives PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities


Spanish Descriptive Adjectives PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities, los adjetivos: Use captivating visuals and hands-on activities to help students describe people. Students use the Spanish adjectives to say and write descriptions. Listening, reading, and writing practice. There is so much included in this bundle!

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5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Activities, Interactive Notebooks
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Spanish Descriptive Adjectives PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities include a 118-slide illustrated PowerPoint with captivating visuals and activities, “Los adjetivos” Interactive Notebook Activities, Google Drive Activities, student handouts of vocabulary and related expressions, and digital versions for distance learning. Students will learn to describe themselves and others.

Spanish Descriptive Adjectives PowerPoint includes the following resources:

  • 118-slide animated Spanish Adjectives PowerPoint
    a) Engaging visuals demonstrating each adjective
    b) Check-for-understanding exercises
    c) Gender endings practice
    d) Activity in which students write complete sentences with noun/adjective agreement
    e) Activity in which students describe the visuals (¿Cómo es?)
  • Activity in which students search the Internet to find descriptive details about famous people and then describe them
  • Activity in which students answer questions based on visuals
  • Activity in which students write the opposite adjective
  • Activity in which students complete the sentence with the logical adjective
  • PowerPoint Answers to activities
  • Activity in which students read the description and draw a representation of what they read
  • Listening practice in which students listen to a script, color in the drawings and draw according to the descriptions
  • Script for Listening Activity
  • Competition in which students listen to a script and draw what they hear
  • Activity in which students write complete sentences describing the visuals
  • Student Handout with 56 adjectives, related vocabulary with hair and eye color (tiene los ojos verdes), a chart demonstrating gender endings, and a Quizlet Game URL


Position of Adjectives FREE PowerPoint

Los adjetivos Posesivos Video

Click here for the Spanish Verb Ser Video

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