Spanish Present Tense No-Prep Lesson Plans and Curriculum


Includes 7 PowerPoints: Present Tense PowerPoint; Cambios ortográficos; Irregular Verbs; Stem-Changing Verbs; Bell Work; Homework Answers; and Games Word documents: 10 ninety-minute lesson plans on the Spanish Present Tense; Handouts; Vocabulary Lists; Verb Lists; Three TPR Stories; Quizzes and Tests

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Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans

No-Prep Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans and Curriculum by Angie Torre

This Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans and Curriculum includes
389 PowerPoint Slides and 117 Word documents

The first four Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans Power Points listed are complete lessons with Explain, Check for understanding, Practice, and Closure. They include the following:

~Present Tense PowerPoint introducing new verbs (61 slides)
~Cambios ortográficos PowerPoint (61 slides)
~Irregular Verbs PowerPoint (75 slides)
~Stem-Changing Verbs for Sp 3 PPT (64 slides)
~Bell Work
~Homework Answers
~Games (Jeopardy)

The Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans Word documents which include:

~10 ninety-minute lesson plans on the Spanish Present Tense – NO PREP, NO BOOK (They include all the elements of the Explicit Direct Instruction format. Every lesson has attention getters and tension.)
~Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans Student Handouts
~Vocabulary Lists
~Verb Lists
~Three TPR Stories, activities and one puppet show that reinforce the vocabulary, the verb spelling, and meaning of the regular, irregular, orthographic changing-verbs and stem-changing verbs
~Quizzes and Tests
~Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans Paired Activities
~Cloze stories

Concepts Covered are:

~Vocabulary and the Meaning of Verbs
~Conjugations including practice of the “vosotros” form
~Sounds and pronunciation of certain spellings and combination of letters.
~Verbs with orthographic changes:
C-Z (consonante + cer/cir)
ZCO (vocal + cer /cir)
G-J (Verbs ending in -ger/-gir)
UIR (construyo)
GUIR (sigo)
Verbs ending in -iar; -uar
~Irregular verbs (including: caer,hacer, poner, salir, traer, valer, decir, oír, tener, venir, caber, ir, dar, verb, saber)
~Stem-Changing Verbs (e-ie; o-ue; u-ue; e-i)

Note: I use these Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans for Spanish Three but they can be adapted for levels two or four as well.

You will need “El restaurante elegante” by Blaine Ray

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Your students will love Spanish Present Tense Lesson Plans / el tiempo presente

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