Spanish Saber Conocer PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activity


Spanish Saber Conocer PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activity is a complete lesson on saber and conocer with check for understanding, practices, and closure. Students practice with hands-on Interactive Notebook Activities.

Foreign Language, Spanish
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9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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Lesson Plans (Individual), PowerPoint Presentations, Interactive Notebooks


What Buyers Have Said:
~”Use it every time I teach this.”
~”Perfect resource! It was exactly what I needed for my lesson. Great examples for practice.”
~”This really helped me teach saber and conocer.”
~”High interest; Students enjoyed the content and it was a good resource for teaching the difference between saber and conocer!”
~ “Concept clearly and attractively explained, and I like the practice at the end that we can do on individual dry erase boards”


Students learn when to use the Spanish verbs, “saber” and, “conocer.” This product includes a PowerPoint, Interactive Notebook Activities, Google Drive Activities, student handout and digital versions for distance learning.

This 30-slide PowerPoint on the Spanish verbs, “saber” and “conocer” includes the following:

~Saber and conocer used in context with engaging visuals
~demonstration of saber + que and saber + infinitive
~a demonstration of how to use the accent with interrogative words after “saber”
~an explanation of the verb, “conocer” with the personal “a”
~a comparison of the two verbs with a Venn Diagram
~an explanation of when to use each verb
~the conjugations for both saber and conocer.

The Saber Conocer PowerPoint also includes:

~a check for understanding
~a practice in which students answer questions in Spanish using saber and conocer
~a practice in which students must choose the correct verb and correctly conjugate saber or conocer
~a closure activity in the form of a competition in which students must choose saber or conocer, and, for an extra point, say why they chose that verb.

Also included are the following Word documents and Google Drive Activities:
~Two-page Interactive Notebook Activity in which students conjugate the verbs, “saber” and “conocer” in a Venn Diagram and complete the sentences by writing in the correct verb.
~Two-page Study Guide which explains the use of the two verbs and uses them in context.
~Saber vs. Conocer Google Drive Activities
~Google Slides digital versions for use in Google Classroom, other Google and digital platforms, and distance learning

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