TPR Stories and Comprehensible Input for Spanish Three


In this packet are 58 goofy, engaging TPR stories, 13 Spanish videos, puppet shows, dialogues, readings, illustrated TPR Story PowerPoints, listening and cultural activities, songs, internet links, audio files, a competition which reinforce Spanish Three concepts.

Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
Resource Type
TPR Stories, Spanish Videos, Comprehensible Input


What Buyers Have Said:
~”This is a fabulous collection of stories useful not only useful for Spanish 3 but also Spanish 2 (preterite and imperfect).”
~”I wish I had found this sooner. The stories are interesting and are great for helping kids learn.”
~”Looking forward to looking at this resource again – thank you for organizing the stories via grammar concepts. That will make it easier to decide which story/activity to use!”
~ “My students and I are going to have the best year next year! These are so well done.”


In this packet are 58 goofy, engaging Spanish TPR stories, 13 videos, puppet shows, dialogues, readings, illustrated TPR Story Power Points, listening and cultural activities, songs, internet links, audio files and a competition which reinforce the following Spanish Three grammatical concepts:

Spanish 3 Comprehensible Input and TPRS Stories include the following resources:

~stem-changing verbs in the present Spanish Stem-Changing Verbs TPR Story
~”go” verbs
~”ir” stem changing verbs in the preterite
~regular preterite
~irregular preterite Irregular Preterite TPR Story PPT
~imperfect vs. preterite
~present subjunctive with implied commands, emotions, expressions Spanish Subjunctive TPR Story PowerPoint
~present subjunctive (cláusulas adjetivales) Subjunctive cláusulas adjetivales TPRS PPT
~imperfect subjunctive
~reflexive verbs Reflexive Verbs Activities, TPRS for Sp 2 & 3
~the present perfect.
~double-object pronouns Spanish Double-Object Pronoun TPRS PPT
~commands Mandatos Commands Activities & TPRS
~future tense
~conditional tense
~non-intentional “se” TPRS for Non-Intentional Se
~travel vocabulary

The Spanish TPR stories are fun because the students want to see how they will end. The materials include the following activities:

~complete the sentence
~cloze stories and songs
~write your own ending
~answer the questions
~choose present or imperfect subjunctive
~choose commands or present subjunctive.

These TPR Stories activities provide the necessary repetition and manipulation of the language that enable students to assimilate and produce the target language. They serve to supplement the text as few textbooks provide the necessary comprehensible input. WARNING: Some of the TPR Stories include sadness and shoot-em-up.
Videos include:

~Spanish Video for the Future Tense

~Spanish Video for the Conditional Tense

~Spanish Video for the Present Subjunctive

~Spanish Video for los comparativos

~Spanish Video for the Imperfect Tense

~Spanish Video for the Preterite and Imperfect

~Spanish Video for the Present Perfect

~Spanish Video for the Subjunctive- Las cláusulas adjetivales

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