Sock Puppets for Comprehensible Input!

Why I Use Sock Puppets

I highly recommend using Sock Puppets for comprehensible input.  Click the video below to see my Spanish Object Pronouns Sock Puppet dialogue.



Sock puppets have many advantages over regular puppets.  First, they have a variety of adorable characters with settings that allow you to change voices,  motions and backgrounds.

Yes, the characters can move! The voice settings can be very funny.  Also, when dramatizing with regular puppets, the teacher’s hands, voice and eyes are completely occupied and, as a result, he/she is unable to monitor the room or manage the class.


The disadvantage to sock puppets is that it can only be one minute in duration.  I could have had three episodes.  This time I chose to finish the skit with regular puppets.

Sock Puppets App

The Sock Puppets app can be found on an ipad.  Although it is free, I recommend paying the $6.00 to get some extra characters, motions and backgrounds.

I used this segment for the beginning of a skit demonstrating the use of direct object pronouns.






If you don’t have the time to make your own Sock Puppet videos, you can still engage students by using videos they will love.  I have created many videos with slow-speaking Spanish speakers, subtitles to aid in comprehension, and images. Here is the link for my Spanish Object Pronouns Video

Here is the link to my: Spanish Videos Bundle  Make sure to scroll down!

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