Back-to-School TPT Bonus Sale

Back to School Bonus Sale

 The Back-to-School TPT Bonus Sale is here!!!

For one day only, August 21st all my resources will be on sale for 15% off!

And you get an extra 5% off when you enter the code: BTSBONUS18

Even large bundles and year-long lesson plans will be 20% off.

Don’t forget to get your TPT credits after each purchase so you can save even more!  Click on, “My Purchases, Needs Feedback, Provide Feedback. Then go to your shopping cart and click, “Redeem TPT Credits.”  20 credits = $1 off on your order.

I am so excited about my new Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle. There is no bundle like it on TPT with 89 days of lesson plans, TPRS, comprehesible input and videos as well as grammar PowerPoints, homework, tests, quizzes, bell work, student handouts, interactive notebook activities, songs, audios for absent students, and much more. It has 6,578 PowerPoint slides; 2,803 documents; 16 videos, 3 audio files and is already a steal without the sale discount. Click the link below to see it.

Spanish Four PowerPoints and Curriculum Mega Bundle

Still excited about my new videos!  I know your students will love them and now is the time to snag them at a discount.  Not only do students get engrossed when watching them but you can provide excellent comprehensible input without doing an exhausting song and dance.  If you click on the bundle you can see each individual video: Spanish Videos for Comprehensible Input

The new ones are:

The year-long lesson plans are only discounted a few times a year.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Don’t do everything yourself. Be an awesome teacher and still have a balanced life.

Here are the links:

Spanish One Lesson Plans and Curriculum
Spanish Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum
Spanish One and Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum
Spanish Three Lesson Plans
Spanish Two and Three Lesson Plans
Spanish One, Two, and Three Lesson Plans
AP Lesson Plans
Spanish One, Two, Three, and AP Lesson Plans
French PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle

Ask your school to buy them for you! Everybody’s doing it!

Happy teaching and enjoy the sale!


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