Interactive Notebooks in the World Language Classroom: Part Two

I spent 30 minutes of my prep talking to one of the Interactive Notebook Gurus at my school Friday.  She showed me her students’ notebooks and a CD she had bought full of templates.  Seeing those notebooks convinced me that my next Spanish and French classes would use an interactive notebook from beginning to end.  Student learning has dramatically increased as a result.  No more students missing half the lesson rummaging through piles of papers and ultimately never finding the handout.  No more passive students during the instructional part of the lesson.


Click  HERE  to see the previous post about Interactive Notebooks. Scroll down to get your FREE INB Activity.


Here is a short video of my Spanish One Interactive Notebook:

>>>Here is what you need to know to get started:

1.  Tell students to buy a college-ruled notebook at Target or other store.  “College-Ruled” means it must be 8.5 x 11.  Tell students to take their syllabus with them to see if it fits.  If they have to cut it in order to make it fit, the notebook is not large enough.

2.  Have students put a Table of Contents on the first page (on the left).  Every time you  paste a page into the interactive notebook, you will write the title and page number on the Table of Contents for easy reference.  The students watch you and do exactly what you do. Click the image below to download this document.

3.  Number all the pages at the beginning.

4.  Keep a Master INB.  Yours will look exactly like the students’.  That way, absent students can see what it should look like.

5.  Have students put the syllabus on page two.

6.  Have students paste your rubric on the last page.  (Develop a rubric for grading the INB.  You may want to assess them on completeness, creativity, use of color or highlighting, use of Cornell Notes, accuracy of Table of Contents)  I recommend training your T.A.s to grade them and grading them every quarter.  You can also randomly grade one page.  I instruct my T.A. to grade two notebooks a day so students always have to be ready and organized.  Here is my rubric. Click the image below to download.

7.  Many teachers have students paste teacher-created materials on the right and student-created on the left because of the way the brain works.  However, that seems counter-intuitive to me as the eye (in Western countries) moves from left to right.  Therefore, I tell my students to put teacher-created materials on the left and student-created on the right.  Here is an example of a student using the teacher-provided handout on the left to fill in the INB on the right.  This interactive notebook activity is for the stem-changing verbs.  Click on the image to see the details.

Here is an INB Activity I created for the Imperfect Preterite which greatly helped my students internalize the concept.

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your FREE PowerPoint.

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Click on the link or the image to get your FREE La ropa Interactive Notebook Activity.

Spanish Clothing Interactive Notebook Activity

If you have any questions or ideas about how you use Interactive Notebooks in your class, I’d love to hear them!


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  • Senordineroman

    Looks interesting! What is under some of those slips of paper glued on? Examples of the concept?

    • admin

      It depends on the activity and/or concept. Which activity are you referring to?

  • nicole

    would you use INB beyond level 3? I have level 4 and AP and am considering it in the level 4´s.

    • Angie Sherbondy

      Hello: I think interactive notebooks are wonderful for any level. Yes, I’d use them if you have them. In AP I would not have time for them because there is so much material to cover but for 1-4 I think they are engaging and helpful to students.

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