El correo electrónico PowerPoint and Handouts for AP Spanish


Includes Instructions for how to write the correo electrónico, modeling of the formal register, student practice, examples of saludos and despedidas, vocabulary, sample questions, sample email response, and more!

Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Handouts, Minilessons


What Buyers Have Said:
~ “A must for the AP classroom. Went back for the complete lesson plans for the whole course!”
~ “Well done! I have been searching for more material to help my students to succeed on the Exam and I think I have found it! Wow!”
~ “Excellent resource to share with students. A step by step guide to plan, and write an e-mail reply. Plenty of sample questions to request more information, vocabulary lists, a checklist, a sample email…thank you!!”
~ “Used this last year as a first year AP teacher. Very helpful to give me a frame of reference for how to teach letter writing for the exam.”


El correo electrónico PowerPoint and Handouts for AP Spanish Product Description:

This 26-slide El correo electrónico PowerPoint and Handouts for AP Spanish includes the following:
~Instructions for how to write the correo electrónico /email for the AP Spanish Test
~Suggestions for the student
~A modeling of the formal register
~A practice in which students change the informal register to the formal
~Examples of saludos and despedidas
~An example email prompt from Triángulo Aprobado
~Vocabulary to ask for more information
~Sample possible questions for asking for more details
~A sample correo electrónico / email response with all the required elements numbered and labeled
~password for El Correo Electrónico PowerPoint YOU WILL NEED MICROSOFT OFFICE 2002 or later in order to access the password-protected PowerPoint

The handouts include:
~Instructions for the student
~a check list for the student of the required components
~Vocabulary for the saludo, despedida, and asking for more information
~A sample email response
~A PowerPoint Cover Sheet, “El Correo Electrónico” for AP Spanish

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