AP Spanish PowerPoints for an Entire Year


AP Spanish PowerPoints for an Entire Year will help your students prepare for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam. Since I have been teaching AP Spanish, all of my students have passed except one. Last year, all my students passed the AP Spanish Test with mostly 5s and a few fours.


Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
Resource Type
PowerPoint Presentations, Lesson Plans (Bundled), Whole Courses


What Buyers Have Said:
~ “This is my first year teaching AP, and I don’t know what I would have done without your resources to spice up each topic! I cannot thank you enough. This was well worth the money.”
~ “These resources are absolutely amazing. I took over an AP position in the middle of the year and this has been a life safer.”
~ “Forgot to provide feedback! All my students passed the AP exam so…THANK YOU!”
~ “Outstanding guidance for me and my students as I learn the best way to teach this course! Love the details and the photos! Kids respond very well!!!”
~ “Your presentations are a life-saver! I am so thankful to have found quality resources from an experienced AP teacher to simplify my first year of teaching the course. And I am confident that these are resources I will continue to use in years to come!”


  1. Shai Hayo

    Five stars for Angie Torre’s AP Language and Culture Course! Five stars for all the “5’s” that my students scored on the AP exam after having spent the year preparing! The AP Language and Culture course addresses all of the components assessed within the AP exam in a thorough, efficient and engaging way, and the support documents, text books, power point presentations and other media (as well as free reading titles and other relevant content) come together to form a holistic and comprehensive curriculum/course of study which advances students of the Spanish language can clearly navigate. The course not only thoroughly prepares the student for the AP course, but also functions as wonderful bridge between advanced high school Spanish course content and intermediate post-secondary Spanish course content. All of my respect!

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