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Students practice the vocabulary for the immediate and extended family in Spanish. There are three versions of the test: no-prep, interactive, self-correcting, editable Google Forms activities, a digital version, and a printable version. They can be used as assessments or practice activities. Spanish Vocabulary


  • Autocorrecting, editable, multiple-choice and short-answer Google Forms Activities / Test: 29 questions

✨Multiple-choice questions in which students choose the correct answer about the members in the family tree (¿Quién es la prima de Cheo?)

✨Termina las frases: Short-answer questions in which students complete the sentences by writing the correct family member (La madre de mi madre es mi…) Students must also write the correct gender and number (Los hijos de mis padres son mis hermanos.)

✨Tener or ser: Escribe la forma correcta de los verbos TENER o SER. ¡Conjuga los verbos! Escribe en letras minúsculas (aeiou), no en letras mayúsculas (AEIOU). MODELO: Yo… 16 años. tengo / Ella …. mi hermana. es

Vocabulary includes some of the following:

All conjugations of the verbs TENER and SER, Los abuelos, los bisabuelos, hermano, hijo, hijo único, primo, madre, padre, esposo, nieto, medio hermano, hermanastro, padrastro, madrina, gemelos, ¿Cómo se llama? ¿Cuántos años tiene?

  • La familia Student Handout with a list of 30 family members in Spanish and English: Includes extended family members and related vocabulary
  • Printable test

✨ Students answer questions in complete sentences about the people in the family tree. (¿Cómo se llaman los abuelos de Cheo?)

✨ Termina las frases: Students complete the sentences by writing the correct word for the family member in Spanish. (Yo soy la… de mi abuela.)

✨ Tener o Ser: Students complete the sentences by writing in the correct conjugation of the verbs TENER or SER. (¿Cuántos años ________ tú?)

  • Digital Version of above test


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La familia PowerPoint and Activities

Spanish Family Lesson Plans and Curriculum

La familia Google Drive Activities

You will love how easy it is to use La familia digital and printable tests and activities.

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