Los adjetivos posesivos Spanish Possessive Adjectives PowerPoint for Spanish One


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Los adjetivos posesivos PowerPoint for Spanish One by Angie Torre

This 35-slide PowerPoint, “Los adjetivos posesivos for Spanish One” contains the following:

~A chart explaining the possessive adjectives, “mi, mis, tu, tus, su, sus”
~The Spanish possessive adjectives used in context with visuals
~A check for understanding with visuals
~A chart explaining the possessive adjectives, “nuestro, nuestra, nuestros, nuestras”
~A check for understanding with visuals
~A practice in which students translate sentences into Spanish
~A practice in which students change sentences with “de” to sentences using the Spanish possessive adjective. (For example: Es la madre de nosotros. Es nuestra madre.)
~A practice in which students answer questions about their family
~14-slide PowerPoint explaining and practicing, “vuestro/a/os/as”

Word documents include:

~Spanish Possessive Adjectives Student Handout explaining and modeling the possessive adjectives / los adjetivos posesivos
~Interactive Notebook Activity in which students complete the sentences with the appropriate possessive adjective (Son las carpetas de Miguel. Entonces, son sus carpetas.)
~Activity in which student translate the sentences into Spanish
~A test on the possessive adjectives
~Instructions for an oral presentation in which students use the verb “tener” and the possessive adjectives
~Two homework assignments with PowerPoint answers

Also included:

Paired Dice Game PowerPoint in which students ask and answer questions based on the pictures.


LEARNING GOAL: Students will talk and write about their and others’ possessions.

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Your students will love los adjetivos posesivos

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