Spanish Adjectives Los adjetivos Video for Comprehensible Input


Would you like great Comprehensible Input without the exhausting song-and-dance? You watch the students as they watch the video and learn 39 Spanish Adjectives. Also included are: vocabulary student handout, script, Quizlet game, and activities. This video provides input for Spanish adjectives. Native speakers describe people using los adjetivos. Pop-in images and Spanish subtitles aid in comprehension while music adds interest. Script and activities included.

Grade Levels
7-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
Video; Activities
~ “My students loved this and so did I. I was looking for something to let students practice hearing basic Spanish dealing with characteristics (adjectives) and THIS. WAS. PERFECT. I searched online and found some not-so-great speaking clips, but I was over-the-moon to find this resource at the perfect time. This was much first purchase from you but I’m definitely going to continue following you and checking out your resources!! Thanks!!
~ “This was very helpful. ¡Muchas gracias!”
~ “Great listening activity!”
~ “Excellent resource when teaching descriptions”
~”My students were very engaged to the conversation people were having in the video.”



This video and included activities provide comprehensible input for Spanish descriptive words and adjectives. Native speakers describe people using los adjetivos. Pop-in images and Spanish subtitles aid in comprehension while music adds interest. Digital versions of the script and activities are included for distance learning. For middle, high school or upper elementary.

This Spanish Adjectives Video includes the following resources:

~Video: four minutes and 13 seconds: Jessica, Melanie, and Óscar describe each other, Grace, Jamie, parents, friends and pets using the following adjectives
• Alto
• Amable
• Artístico
• Bajo
• Bonito
• Callado
• Canoso (una cana)
• Cariñoso
• Chistoso
• Débil
• Deportista
• Desordenado
• Divertido
• Estudioso
• Feo
• Flaco
• Fuerte
• Generoso
• Gordo
• Guapo
• Hablador
• Inteligente
• Joven
• Largo
• Marrones
• Moreno
• Ordenado
• Paciente
• Pelirrojo
• Perezoso
• Prudente
• Reservado
• Rubio
• Serio
• Simpático
• Sociable
• Tacaño
• Trabajador(a)
• Viejo

Spanish Descriptive Adjectives Los adjetivos Video includes descriptions of eye color and hair. (Tiene el pelo negro y los ojos marrones.)


~Listening Cloze Activity in which students watch the video and fill in the missing words

~Activity in which students answer comprehension questions about the video writing complete sentences.

~Student Handout of Spanish Adjectives Vocabulary, related expressions, transition words, descriptions of hair and eyes, masculine and feminine forms

~Quizlet Game URL

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Your students will be captivated by Spanish Adjectives Los adjetivos Video

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