Spanish Body and Health El cuerpo y la salud Video


Would you like great comprehensible input without the exhausting song-and-dance? This video and accompanying activities will keep your students engaged as they learn the Spanish Body and Health vocabulary.

The video provides input for the Spanish body parts, health and sickness vocabulary, and the expression, “hace que”. As Jessica says the body parts and points to them, images float in to aid in comprehension. Then, Melanie gets sick and can’t go to the dance with Óscar because her mother makes her stay home. Óscar doesn’t get the message and…

Then, Melanie calls her boss to tell him she can’t work that day (She’s faking it.) He keeps asking her how long she has been sick, had a fever, etc, using the expression, “hace …que”. Later, she suffers from a sunburn.

Grade Levels
7-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
Video; Activities



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