Spanish Clothing Digital Escape Room for La ropa y los colores

This Spanish Digital Escape Room is a super-fun Breakout Game.  Students must follow the clues in order to find the shoes that will enable Ana to go to the dance. The Sala de escape para la ropa provides students with more comprehensible input in Spanish and practice of the vocabulary for clothing and colors. The activities begin with recognition and progress to production. Students first read a short paragraph to find the first clue, then match the clothes to the sentences, then put together a puzzle, describe the clothes and color of the boy in the puzzle, then watch a video and complete the sentences according to the video (listening activity), then describe the articles of clothing in the pictures, including the colors. Students must follow all clues in order to find the shoes. Students may work in pairs or individually.

Grade Levels
9-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
Internet Activities; Games
What Buyers Have Said:
~ “My students enjoy escape room activities but I don’t have the time to make them. This resource does it for me.”
~ “During remote learning, I placed 2-3 students in separate break out rooms in Google Meet to work on this activity. They had a lot of fun & it was fascinating to hear their discussions as they worked through the problems. All of my students were able to complete the activity.”
~ “Such a great resource! We had a lot of fun doing this activity!”
~ “Super fun!! Kids loved it.”



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