Spanish Estar Places and Emotions PowerPoint and INB Activities


Spanish Estar Places and Emotions PowerPoint and INB Activities: The best way to teach the Estar, emotions and places is with comprehensible input. This PowerPoint gives the students visuals and language in context as they communicate about places and emotions. Competition, bell work, & interactive notebook activities included.

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This PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities use comprehensible input and engaging visuals to teach the Spanish verb ESTAR, places and emotions. It begins with a very brief comparison between ser and estar. Digital versions included.

Spanish Estar, Places, and Emotions PowerPoint and Interactive Notebook Activities include the following:

  • Conjugation of the Spanish verb, “star”
  • Modeling of the verb “estar” and places / los lugares with sentences and visuals for each place
  • Checking for understanding with questions
  • Activity in which students write, “estar en + el / la” in the sentence
  • Competition of the same
  • Competition with visuals in which students say where the people are using “estar + el / la and the place
  • Bell work with sentences using “estar” and places in which the students say “lógico” or “no es lógico”. If the sentence is not logical the students must write a logical sentence using “star”.
  • Visuals with “estar” and emotions or other adjectives
  • Google Slides digital version for use in Google Classroom, other Google platforms, and distance learning.
  • The places taught in the “estar” PowerPoint are: el parque, el banco, el gimnasio, el campo, la cama, el parque de diversiones, el zoológico, el museo, la ciudad, la iglesia, la plaza, la escuela, la biblioteca, la piscina, la plaza, la tienda (de ropa), el centro comercial.

The adjectives taught are: alegre, contento, enojado, deprimido, emocionado, nervioso, ocupado, preocupado, triste, enfermo, cansado, sorprendido, aburrido, listo, confundido

Spanish Estar Interactive Notebook Activities

  • Describe the images using the verb, “estar,” and an adjective
  • Describe the images using the verb, “estar,” and a place
  • Complete the sentences using the correct conjugation of the verb, “estar,” and, “en”
  • Complete the sentences using, “estar” and either a place or an adjective
  • Google Slides digital versions

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The visuals in Spanish Estar Places and Emotions PowerPoint will engage your students.

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