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Spanish Future Tense El futuro Video: In this video, Jessica talks about what she will do after she graduates from high school. She uses the Spanish future tense many times in context to provide comprehensible input. A digital version is included for distance learning. Appropriate for high school Spanish.

What’s better comprehensible input than conversation with a native speaker? Videos of native speakers with Spanish subtitles AND overlaid visuals and animation to aid in comprehension, with music and corresponding activities for recycling and repetition of vocabulary and concepts.

To see a preview of this Spanish Future Tense video, click here: Spanish Video for the Future Tense

The Spanish Future Tense Video includes the following:

  • Spanish Future Tense Script and vocabulary
  • Activity in which students use the future tense to talk about what they will do in the future
  • Activity in which students use the future tense to write about what the world will be like in 100 years. They write complete sentences using the infinitives provided.
  • Spanish Future Tense Power Point answers
  • Student handout on the Spanish future tense
  • Google Slides digital versions for use in Google Classroom, other Google and digital platforms, and distance learning


Click here to view the Interactive Notebook Activities for the Future and Conditional

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