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Spanish Hace que, Desde Cuándo PowerPoint and TPR Story by Angie Torre. Spanish Grammar and TPR Story

This 95-slide PowerPoint on Hace que and Desde Cuándo is a complete lesson on the Spanish expressions of time and includes the following tenses: present, imperfect, preterite, present perfect. It engages the students with colorful visuals, animation and a story line.

The “Spanish Hace Que” PowerPoint contains the following:

~Comprehensible input with “hace que + present tense” with photographs
~Explanation of the structure
~Students fill in missing words
~More language in context with questions and answers using the expression, “hace que” with photographs
~A Spanish hace que practice in which students answer questions in Spanish using “hace que + present tense”
~A practice in which students ask questions in Spanish using “hace que”
~Explanation and modeling of “desde cuándo”
~Modeling of question/answer using “desde cuándo” with photographs
~Students fill in missing words
~A practice with photogrpahs in which students answer with “desde hace que”
~A practice with photographs in which students write questions using “desde cuándo”
~A comparison of, “Hace que + present tense” and, “Hacía que + imperfect tense”
~Comprehensible Input using, “Hacía que + Imperfect”, and, “Desde cuándo + Imperfect”
~Activity in which students answer questions using, “Hacía que” and “Desde” expressions of time.
~Activity in which students ask questions using,”Hacía que” and “Desde” + Imperfect tense
~Explanation of Hace que + Preterite to express “ago”
~Competition in Pairs
~Explanation of Present Perfect to express, “I’ve been …ing”
~Spanish hace que Activity in which students answer questions using the present perfect for expressions of time
~TPR Story about a girl who likes a boy but is saddened to find he has a girlfriend. The story contains many uses of “hace que” and “desde cuándo” + present tense.
~Comprehension Questions about TPR Story in which student must use, “hace que” and “desde hace”
~Written test on the expressions of time
~password for PowerPoint (YOU WILL NEED MICROSOFT OFFICE 2002 in order to open this password-protected PowerPoint.)

Also included is a test on “Spanish hace que” and “desde cuando”.

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