Spanish Object Pronouns Escape Room


This Spanish Digital Escape Room is a super-fun Breakout Game. Students must follow the clues in order to escape the snow and cold temperatures. The sala de escape para los complementos directos e indirectos provides students with comprehensible input and also gives them practice of the Spanish direct and indirect object pronouns. Students answer questions using direct object pronouns, watch a video, then translate sentences from English to Spanish, put a puzzle together, answer questions using indirect object pronouns, move parts of speech around, then choose the correct sentence, and follow six clues in order to escape the cold and enter the warm house. Students may work in pairs or individually.

Grade Levels
9-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
Internet Activities; Games


What Buyers Have Said:
~ “Thank you so much for this AMAZING escape room!! My students had a blast, and they stayed fully engaged for 2 days. I have some of them in 2 classes (English and Spanish), and I overheard them talking about it during English class, so it definitely left an impression! I really appreciate how thorough everything is…you really thought of everything! You can expect to see more of me…my students are begging for more! Thank you, again! :-)”


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