Spanish Prepositions PowerPoint and Curriculum


Spanish Prepositions PowerPoint and Curriculum provides everything you need to teach the prepositions including lesson plans, tons of visuals, interactive notebook and Google Drive activities, homework, student handouts, PowerPoints, quizzes and more. My students were 100% engaged with the visuals and activities.

Foreign Language, Spanish
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7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Lesson Plans (Bundled), Interactive Notebooks
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Everything you need to teach Spanish prepositions, las preposiciones de lugar, how to give directions using prepositions and commands, and how to locate places in the city: Four no-prep lesson plans, PowerPoints, interactive notebook activities, Google Drive Activities, Google slides digital versions for distance learning, handouts, listening activities, homework, presentations, and quiz.


If you would like the lesson plans and curriculum that includes the places, click on the following link: Spanish Prepositions, Commands, and Places Lesson Plans and Curriculum


Spanish Prepositions of location PowerPoint and Curriculum include the following:


  • 41-slide PowerPoint on the prepositions of location which includes:


a) Animated visuals illustrating the prepositions with complete sentences

b) Check for Understanding Questions

c) Questions using the Spanish prepositions

d) Answers to the Interactive Notebook Activity


  • 18-Slide Mandatos PowerPoint
  • Four Lesson Plans with everything you need for each day’s lesson in a folder
  • 34-slide Google Drive Activity that corresponds with the “preposiciones” PowerPoint & 7-slide Power Point Instructions To see a preview of this activity, click here: Google Drive Prepositions
  • PowerPoint Answers to Google Drive Activity
  • Student Handout with Spanish Prepositions of Direction as well as the “tú” regular and irregular commands
  • Interactive Notebook Activity that corresponds with the PowerPoint in which students listen to a script, write in the names in the correct places and draw the objects in the correct places
  • Script for the Interactive Notebook Activity
  • Spanish prepositions homework assignment in which students answer questions according to a visual and give directions using tú commands and prepositions according to a visual
  • Two homework assignments on affirmative”tú” commands
  • PowerPoint Homework Answers
  • Student and teacher instructions for the presentations
  • Rubric for the presentation
  • Tally and score sheet for the presentation
  • Competition in which students obey commands using the prepositions
  • Sample questions
  • Quiz on prepositions and affirmative “tú” commands
  • Google Slides digital versions for use in Google Classroom, other Google and digital platforms, and distance learning


This lesson works well in conjunction with the “tú” commands.



Spanish Prepositions, Commands, and Places Lesson Plans and Curriculum





Mandatos Commands Activities & TPRS

House & Chores PowerPoint and Curriculum

Spanish Prepositions of Location Video


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Prepositions taught are: arriba, debajo de, encima de, alrededor de, al lado de, a la izquierda de, a la derecha de, por encima de, todo derecho, entre, dentro de


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