Spanish Preterite Tense PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle


In this, “Spanish Preterite Power Points and Curriculum Bundle” you will find everything you need to teach the preterite tense including PowerPoints, Word Documents, Homework Assignments, and more!

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Spanish Preterite PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle Product Description:

In this “Spanish Preterite Tense PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle” you will find everything you need to teach the preterite tense for regular and irregular verbs: El pretérito PowerPoints, 10 TPRS Stories Preterite, Spanish readings in the preterite tense, comprehensible input, games, interactive notebook and autocorrecting Google Forms activities and tests, student handouts and practice activities. Many digital versions are included for distance learning. Appropriate for high school Spanish Two or Three.

Spanish Preterite Tense Curriculum includes the following:

~354 PowerPoint Slides
~327 Word Documents

~12 Preterite Homework Assignments
~PowerPoint Answers to the homework
~Bell Work PowerPoints

~Conjugations: regular, irregular, and -ir stem-changing verbs; regular conjugations with expressions used with the preterite tense; demonstration of the difference between stem-changing verbs in the present and the preterite.

~Ir Stem-Changing Verbs:
a.Competition in which students complete the sentences by changing the present tense to the preterite tense.
b.Competition in which students complete the sentence by changing the infinitive to the preterite.
c.Power Point Competition in which students write sentences changing the verb from the present tense to the preterite.
d.Bell-Work PowerPoint in which students practice conjugating the -ir Stem-Changing Verbs
e.Verb Chart demonstrating how the present stem changes but not the preterite for -ar/-er verbs, but DOES change for -ir stem-changing verbs.
f.Practice in which students complete the sentences with the correct -ir stem-changing verb

~10 TPR Stories with fill-in the blanks, cloze stories, answer-the-questions activities

~Ir, Ser: Practice Test on the verbs, “ir” and “ser”; Quiz on “Ir, Ser”

~Irregular Preterite:
a.TPR Story, “Snicker” Power Point Irregular Preterite TPR Story PPT; Snickers paired activity in which students change the underlined parts of the story; True/ False Competition
b.Dar y Ver: Competition; Dar y Ver TPR Story; True/ False; Homework Examples of Test; Test; Practice changing the present tense to the preterite
c.Hacer conjugation and activity in which students describe pictures using the verb “hacer”
d.Paired Speaking/Writing Activity in which students ask each other questions using the irregular preterite
e.Irregular Preterite Song on Power Point with audio (me singing-sorry); words to the song and instructions for activity in which students sing the song and act out the verbs
f.TPR Stories and Comprehensible Input for the Irregular Preterite: Irregular Preterite TPR Story Power Point; True / False; Students change the underlined parts; TPR Story about ex-boyfriend; True / False; cloze activity
g.Irregular Preterite Test Practice PowerPoint
h.Bingo Game (Lotería) for the irregular preterite
i.Quiz on the irregular preterite
j.94-slide PowerPoint on the irregular verbs with illustrated slides and comprehensible inut Irregular Preterite PPT

~Instructions for student presentation
~Eight Stations Activity Eight Stations Activity
~99-side PowerPoint on the preterite; TPR Story; PowerPoint answers to TPR Story Preterite PowerPoint
~6 quizzes and tests including four autocorrecting tests
~Regular Preterite Verbs
a.-er / -ir verbs paired activity
b.TPR Story for -er / -ir verbs; True / Falso
c.Group Speaking Activity using the preterite tense with instructions
d.Homework, regular verbs; Homework answers for “Quinceañera” on PowerPoint
e.Homework, stem-changing regular verbs
f.Competition in which students write sentences changing them from present to preterite
g.Bingo Game for -er / -ir verbs
h.Bingo Game for -ar verbs
i.Preterite Stem-Changing Homework; PowerPoint Answers
j.Practice, preterite -ar / -er verbs
k.Power Point Competition in which students change the sentences from present to preterite of stem-changing verbs
l.Test on regular preterite verbs

~Song, “El reloj cucú” lyrics and cloze activity

~Spanish Preterite Jeopardy Power Point Spanish Preterite Jeopardy; Preterite and Culture Jeopardy PowerPoint

~Interactive Notebook and Flip Books for Preterite Practice

These resources are included in the following money-saving bundle which also includes NO-PREP LESSON PLANS: Preterite Lesson Plans




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