Spanish Ser Estar PowerPoint, Printables and Interactive Notebook Activity


78-slide PowerPoint on the uses of “Ser” and “Estar” which includes: the conjugations of Ser and Estar in the present, preterite, and imperfect tenses; ¿Cuándo se usa “ser” y “estar”? explanation with visuals for each use; student handouts, four homework assignments

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Spanish Ser estar Power Point, Printables and Interactive Notebook Activity by Angie Torre

This Spanish Ser estar Powerpoint, Handouts and Interactive Notebook Activity include 114 slides and 15 word documents. They include the following:

A 78-slide Power Point on the uses of “Ser” and “Estar” which includes:
~The conjugations of Ser and Estar in the present, preterite, and imperfect tenses
¿Cuándo se usa “ser” y “estar”? explanation with visuals for each use.

The uses demonstrated are:

*las características que no cambian / personalidad básica
*el día
*la fecha
*la hora
*la nacionalidad
*el origen
*los materiales
*la hora
*el lugar y la hora de un acontecimiento
*para conectar un sustantivo a otro
*la profesión
*la religión
*la voz pasiva

*las características temporales / que cambian
*el lugar
*la posición
*las emociones y los sentimientos
*el estado físico (la salud) y el estado mental
*el estado civil
*las etapas de la vida
*el presente progresivo
*el resultado de una acción

~Spanish ser estar Excepciones
~How to form the past participle with “estar + participio pasado”
~How the choice of “ser” or “estar” changes the meaning of the following adjectives: aburrido, viejo, pálido, bueno, loco, listo, seguro, vivo

~Check for understanding activity in which students must choose “ser” or “estar, properly conjugating and spelling the verb and explaining why they chose the verb

~Expressions that use “estar”
~Expressions that use “ser”
~A practice activity in which students write the verbs “ser” or “estar” properly conjugating the verb
~Questions using those expressions which students must answer using “ser” and “estar”

Spanish Ser Estar WORD DOCUMENTS
~Student handout with all the information from the PowerPoint and more
~Four homework assignments
~Spanish Ser estar Interactive Notebook Activity which students fill out as they watch the Power Point

The use of interactive notebook activities has greatly improved student learning in my classes. If you would like to know more about how to use an interactive notebook in a world language classroom, please visit my blog:

~Answers to the homework assignments

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