Spanish Stem Changing Verbs Present Tense Lesson Plans and Curriculum



SPANISH STEM-CHANGING VERBS PRESENT TENSE LESSON PLANS AND CURRICULUM: PRINTABLE AND DIGITAL! Everything you need to teach the present tense stem-changing verbs or Boot Verbs for Spanish One and Two, with extra resources for Spanish Three. The PowerPoint explanations and practices make learning this concept easy and fun. Curriculum includes no-prep daily lesson plans, four PowerPoints, comprehensible input with a video and illustrated TPRS stories, digital escape room, worksheets, bell work, attention getters, interactive notebook activities, autocorrecting activities and quizzes, student handouts, games, and tests. Google Slides digital versions are included for 1:1 classes or distance learning.


  • Five 90-minute daily, no-prep lesson plans for Spanish Two
  • Word Document and PDF of continuous lesson plans so you can print them out all at once


§ Study of which part of the verb changes in regular verbs and stem-changing verbs: ¿Qué parte cambia, la base or la terminación?
§ Study of which syllable has the stem change in all verbs: -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs: ¿Qué sílaba cambia?
§ Conjugation charts for all -AR, -ER, and -IR stem-changing verbs for e-ie; e-i; o-ue; u-ue
§ Explanation of which verb forms do NOT change
§ Conjugation of the u-ue stem-changing verbs
§ Visuals and illustrations to aid in comprehension
§ Sentences using los verbos que cambian en la base in context
§ Practice of the use of PENSAR EN, to think about
§ Reflexive verbs que cambian en la raíz
§ Comparison of PEDIR and PREGUNTAS with verbs used in context
§ Checking for understanding activities
§ Practice activities

§ Eye-catching visuals
§ Introduction of new verbs and vocabulary
§ Practice in which students underline the correct verb in the sentence
§ Activity in which students read the sentence with the error and write a sentence that makes sense
§ Activity in which students rewrite the sentence using a synonym of the given stem-changing verb according to the image
§ Activity in which students complete the sentence writing the correct verbos que cambian en el radical

§ Answer keys
§ Instructions
§ Activities
§ Vocabulary


§ Teacher reads the script and students act out the meaning. Script has complete sentences with the verb ESTAR and emotions or adjectives: Estoy emocionada. Mañana es el ultimo día de clases. / Mis padres están preocupados porque no tenemos suficiente dinero.
§ Stem-changing Verbs Interactive PowerPoint Game for Spanish Two
§ Stem-changing Verbs Interactive PowerPoint Game for Spanish Three

  • STUDENT HANDOUTS: Spanish Stem-changing Verbs Present Tense

§ FOR SPANISH TWO: Los verbos que cambian en la raíz: 44 stem-changing verbs in Spanish and English with sentences using the verbs in context
§ FOR SPANISH THREE: List of 69 stem changing verbs with their meaning in Spanish and English and used in context


§ Printable Test: Stem changing Verbs

§ Autocorrecting, editable Google Forms Stem-changing Verbs Quiz

§ Autocorrecting, editable Google Forms GO Verbs Quiz

§ Google Slides GO Verbs Quiz

§ SPANISH THREE: Students complete the Cloze story with the appropriate stem-changing verb and rewrite the sentences using synonyms of the given stem-changing verbs

§ Interactive Notebook Listening Activity in which students complete the sentences with the verb ESTAR EN and places
§ INB Activity in which students complete the sentences with an adjective or a place
§ Activity in which students complete the sentences by writing the correct form of the verb ESTAR and the appropriate adjective according to the pictures
§ Interactive Notebook Table of Contents, instructions, rubric

  • Paired Activity in which students ask each other questions using stem-changing verbs in Spanish
  • Google Slides digital versions of activities and PowerPoints

§ La chica distraída VIDEO, 5:06 minutes: with vocabulary, script, and activities. Jessica tries to study but gets distracted by social media and thoughts about boys. She has a boyfriend but is thinking about other boys she has met and eventually goes out with someone else. The video uses many Spanish stem-changing verbs in context.
§ Pedir vs. Preguntar illustrated TPRS Story and Activities
§ SPANISH THREE: Lolina y el mal hombre TPRS Story and Cloze quiz: Lolina has a terrible day and ends up in the hospital. Story uses many stem-changing verbs in context.
§ SPANISH THREE: Un día yo… Story

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