Spanish Subjunctive: Cláusulas Adjetivales TPR Story PowerPoint


This 25-slide Subjunctive Cláusulas Adjetivales TPR Story PowerPoint provides many examples of the Spanish subjunctive with cláusulas adjetivales. Paco, in his search for a job, goes to visit he career counselor. She asks him questions to help him decide what career to pursue. In the end, he does not get a job but he does get something from the counselor.

Buyers have said:
~”Fun resource to show different uses of the subjunctive!”
~”Students and I loved this! It’s funny and easily leads into a nice assignment for them to write about their own ‘dream job’. Gracias!”
~ “I love this for my native speakers. Subjunctive isn’t fun but these really do help them to learn it better. Thanks!”

Grade Levels
10-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
PowerPoint Presentations; Mini-Lessons; Activities



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