Spanish Tener, TPR Story PowerPoint and Activities


This 79-slide PowerPoint guides students towards mastery of using the verb “tener”. Also included are Word Documents with engaging student activities.

Buyers have said:
~”The review of ser and estar usage with the verb TENER worked very well for my class. The students enjoyed the story about Dolores incorporating tener usage and real people as characters. ¡Excelente!”
~”My students enjoyed discussing the story. Gracias!”
~”Funny story that really made my kiddos feel like they understood Spanish!”
~”This is wonderful! It is a great purchase!”

Grade Levels
7-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
PowerPoint Presentations; Activities; Minilessons



Spanish Grammar and TPR Story

This 79-slide, Spanish Tener TPR Story PowerPoint, and Activities include the following:

~The use of the verb “tener” in context with visuals using all conjugations
~A check-for-understanding in which the students translate from English to Spanish and answer questions with visual clues using the verb “tener”
~A cloze practice in which students write the correct conjugation of the verbs, “tener” or “ser” to complete the sentences.
~Comprehensible input using the verb “tener” and the characters of the following story
~A TPR Story with visuals using the verb “tener” multiple times. The story is about a girl whose parents have no money and who does not have the nice clothes and possessions of her fellow-students. Those students poke fun at her through social media but then things turn around when….
~A competition in which students respond, “cierto” or “falso” to statements about the story

Also included in Spanish Tener, TPR Story PowerPoint and Activities are the following Word documents:

~The TPR Story with many uses of the verb “tener”
~A group activity that cements the verb “tener” and the possessive pronouns
~A rubric for the activity
~Student Handout
~Interactive Notebook Activity in which students write a question and answer it according to the images
~INB Activity in which students answer the questions about who has what according to the visuals
~Activity in which students finish the sentences using the correct conjugation of either, “tener,” or, “ser”


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