Spanish Two Bell Ringers for an Entire Year


Spanish Two Bell Ringers has 305 slides covering the following concepts: review of conjugations, subject pronouns, “ir”, time, how to form questions, stem-changing verbs, reflexive verbs, weather, sports, house and chores vocabulary, object pronouns, tener expressions, “los comparativos, el pretérito, present progressive and more. 

Foreign Language, Spanish
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9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Activities

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~ “Great resource for my students as warm ups, thanks!!!”
~ “I bought this to use as bell ringers to review for Spanish 2 final exam. I look forward to using it next year as each topic comes along to with activating strategies.”
~ “My students loved this!!!! They found it very engaging.”~ “It is well thought out resource that helps minimize my work for bell ringers in my virtual class. Thanks!”



Spanish Two Bell Ringers

These Spanish Two Bell Work PowerPoints will keep your students engaged while you take roll and do the necessary preparations at the beginning of class.

The Spanish Two Bell Ringers PowerPoints are packed with visuals to aid in comprehension and to engage the students. Students will be asked to answer questions, fill in the blanks, complete the sentences, change ridiculous sentences to logical ones, correct the errors, and describe visuals to name a few tasks. Vocabulary will be recycled for reinforcement and repetition in context throughout the practices.

Spanish Two Bell Ringers PowerPoint answers are included for all activities.

Spanish Two Bell Work has 305 slides and covers the following concepts:

~Conjugation of regular verbs
~Present tense verbs
~Stem-changing verbs
~How to form yes/no questions
~How to form interrogative questions
~The verb, “ir”
~Review of subject pronouns
~Review of how to tell time, “¿Qué hora es?”
~Review of how to use two verbs in a sentence and the verb, “hay”
~Weather, ¿Qué tiempo hace?
~Sports, los deportes
~Spanish House and Chores
~Saber conocer
~Direct and indirect object pronouns
~Spanish and English grammar- object pronouns
~La “a” personal
~Circle the illogical sentence: Practice with language in context
~Spanish places, los lugares
~Ser vs. estar
~Progressive tense
~Preterite – Regular verbs, irregular, “ir” stem-changing verbs
~Pretérito, dar y ver
~Los verbos reflexivos
~Antes de + infinitivo; después de + infinitivo
~Body parts and health, el cuerpo y la salud
~Tener expressions
~Los comparativos y el superlativo
~Los demostrativos
~The expressions, “hace que” and, “desde cuándo”

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Your students will love Spanish Two Bell Ringers for an Entire Year.

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