Spanish Two, Three, and AP Spanish Lesson Plans and Curriculum


Spanish Two, Three, and AP Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year provide everything you need to teach levels two, three, and AP: Grammar and Vocabulary PowerPoints, videos, tests, no-prep lesson plans, homework, interactive notebook and Google Drive activities, TPR Stories, comprehensible input, homework, and so much more. No textbook needed except in AP.  Engage students with Todos preparados.

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9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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Spanish Two, Three, and AP Lesson Plans and Curriculum

The textbook title, “Todos preparados” speaks for the results teachers and students experience: Teachers will be prepared to teach with NO-PREP resources and students will become proficient and prepared to function in a global society.

Why spend thousands of dollars on textbooks when you can get so much more for so much less! This No-prep curriculum has over 9,202 Power Point slides, over 3,519 documents and 22 videos. Most Power Points are complete lessons with instruction, check for understanding, guided practice and closure. Everything you need to teach these levels is included.

SAVE $142 – over 15% OFF, if you buy this Spanish Two, Three, and AP Spanish Bundle! Unbundled, they cost $950. You will also receive FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE! You will be notified when I add any new products.

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Spanish Two, Three, and AP Lesson Plans

~92 ninety minute lesson plans based on the EDI model. They can easily be modified for the regular schedule
~Everything you need for each day’s lesson in a folder
~FREE Table of Contents
~Extra lesson plans and activities for the regular schedule
~Interactive Notebook and Activities and foldables
~Google Drive Activities
~Learning objectives
~Attention Getters in the form of cartoons, jokes, and photos
~Tension indicating what students will do to show proficiency at the end of each lesson
~List of items necessary for that lesson
~Student Handouts and Grammar Explanations
~Tests, quizzes, midterm, final with Answers
~Instructional Strategies for the Teacher
~Student-centered, hands-on activities such as interactive notebook activities, white boards, TPR, singing, games, to name a few
~Alternate homework assignments
~Sample Classroom Rules and Policies
~Rubrics for all activities
~Paired Activities
~Competitions and Games
~Puppet shows; dialogues; comprehensible input using the concepts repeatedly in context
~TPR Stories
~Cloze activities
~Vocabulary Lists and Activities
~Preterite Eight Stations Activity
~Notes to the teacher
~Many URL links (listed in the preview)
~Audio files and videos for absent students
~Culture lesson plans
~Listening practice with native speakers

Spanish Two, Three, and AP Lesson Plans


~120 Ninety-minute lesson plans
~FREE Table of Contents
~Every resource listed above
~ Some AP Themes and Pre-AP Activities to prepare students for Spanish Four and AP: interpersonal speaking (conversación simulada), oral presentation, (comparisons) interpersonal writing (emails), interpretive readings, presentational writing (They are introduced to writing a five-paragraph essay with transitions, thesis statement, developing paragraphs, and conclusion) and authentic listening practices. College Board Rubrics or modified rubrics are used to evaluate the activities.

Spanish Two, Three, and AP Lesson Plans

Spanish Video for the Future Tense

Spanish Video for the Conditional Tense

Spanish Video for the Present Subjunctive

Spanish Video for the Present Progressive

Spanish Video for los comparativos

Spanish Video for the Imperfect Tense

Spanish Video for the Preterite and Imperfect

Spanish Video for the Object Pronouns

Spanish Video for Los demostrativos

Spanish Video for the Present Perfect

Spanish Video for the Subjunctive- Las cláusulas adjetivales


Spanish Two, Three, and AP Lesson Plans

This curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the following:
~Power Points (894 slides):

How to Write an Essay for Spanish 4, AP, and Activities (126 slides)
Ensayo persuasivo (68 slides)
Correo Electrónico AP Spanish (23 slides)
Presentación Oral (28 slides)
Conversación Simulada for AP Spanish (16 slides)
La lectura y el audio PowerPoint for AP Spanish (46 slides)
Spanish Subjunctive Power Point (104 slides)
Spanish Por y Para PowerPoint (81 slides)
Los Pronombres Relativos for AP Spanish (78 slides)
El imperfecto del subjuntivo- Si yo fuera (16 slides)
El imperfecto del subjuntivo a (20 slides)
Spanish Subjunctive TPR Story PowerPoint (42 slides)
Subjunctive cláusulas adjetivales TPRS PPT (25 slides)
Bell Work (22 slides)
Answers to Homework
REMINDERS-Recordatorios for AP Spanish
Animal Pairs

YOU WILL NEED MICROSOFT OFFICE 2002 or later to access the password-protected PowerPoints.

Over 1000 pages of printables, handouts, and lesson plans which include SOME of the following:

~FREE Table of Contents
~86 days of 90-minute lesson plans
~College Board-Approved AP Spanish Syllabus
~Learning objectives from the College Board
~Everything you need for each day’s lesson in a folder
~Notes to the teacher
~Practices for midterm and final with the answers
~Tests and Quizzes with Answers
~Midterm and Final with answers
~Rubrics for all activities
~Attention getters in the form of cartoons, jokes, photos
~Culture Projects
~Grammar Explanations
~A list of all the homework assignments in order
~Extra lessons and notes to teachers for the regular schedule
~Extra activities for the regular school schedule
~Extra lesson for a day when many students are absent due to AP testing
~Vocabulary lists for the novels
~Quizzes and answers to the novels
~URL for Practice test with audio
~Vocabulary lists for Triángulo aprobado with synonyms, words in context, practice activities, Quizlet URL practice, vocabulary games; URL for Kahoot vocabulary games
~Questions and activities for the movie, “La misma luna” and the telenovela, “Águila Roja” or “Corazón Salvaje”
~Differentiated activities based on class demographics (natives vs. non-natives)
~Vocabulary for videos
~Vocabulary for recipes and food
~Vocabulary for the debate
~Vocabulary to compare paintings
~Transition and synonym practice with student essays
~Many URL links (they are listed in the preview).

Ask your principal, department, or district to purchase this curriculum for you!

***ATTENTION DISTRICTS AND DEPARTMENTS: If you are purchasing for your school’s department, please buy the appropriate number of licenses. If you have any questions you may contact me at [email protected] Use this curriculum for your PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) and common assessments.

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Spanish Two, Three, and AP Lesson Plans

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