Spanish Weather el tiempo PowerPoint and Curriculum


This product includes a 75-slide PowerPoint on the weather, seasons, clothes, 4 bell-ringers, answers to student homework, student handout, paired activities, 3 homeworks, audio, listening activity, interactive notebook activity, quiz, and a test.

Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Printables, Interactive Notebooks


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Everything you need to teach the vocabulary for the Spanish Weather and seasons is included: 75-slide PowerPoint on el tiempo, las estaciones y la ropa with engaging visuals, no-prep lesson plans, homework, bell ringers, attention getters, interactive and paired activities, autocorrecting and printable quiz and test, and digital versions for distance learning. All files are editable.


“This resource is amazing! My students loved it!”

“Thank you for creating such useful resources that simplify my life!”


The Spanish Weather and Seasons PowerPoint slides include the following:


~75-slide PowerPoint that includes:

  • Learning objective
  • Description of the weather / el tiempo / el clima with visuals
  • Check for understanding in which students describe the weather
  • Weather vocabulary in context (complete sentences)
  • Practice in which students complete the Cloze sentences. (Los meses del invierno son…)
  • Practice in which students tell what people are wearing during each season
  • Seasons
  • Clothes worn in each season
  • The difference between, “nieve” and “nieva”, “llueve” and “lluvia”
  • Competition

~Four Bell Ringers
~Answers to Homework
~Spanish Weather and Seasons Google Drive Activity
~Attention getters and memes


~The Word documents include the following:


  • Four no-prep, step-by-step lesson plans for the Spanish Weather and Seasons vocabulary: items needed, learning goals, anticipatory set, checking for understanding, guided practice, closure, and homework
  • Word and PDF documents with continuous lesson plans so you can print them out all at one time
  • Student Handout on weather, seasons, expressions about weather, clothes
  • Paired activity in which students ask and answer questions about weather
  • Recording and listening activity in which students fill in a cloze activity. (Digital version has audio file.)
  • Listening Activity in which students write the corresponding season
  • Paired Activity in which students find the errors in the sentences and write correct sentences.
  • Three homework assignments with PowerPoint answers
  • Activity in which students find the errors and write the correct sentences
  • Interactive Notebook Activity which students fill out as they watch the Power Point
  • Vocabulary quiz
    Test on the weather, seasons, and clothes
  • Autocorrecting, editable, multiple-choice, illustrated Google Forms Activity or Quiz
  • Spanish One Table of Contents: Shows the order in which I taught the concepts and how I paced the material.
  • Spanish One Curriculum Map: Aligned with the National World Language Standards.


~Google Slides digital versions for use in Google Classroom, other Google or digital platforms, and distance learning




Spanish One Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year

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