The Challenges of Teaching Spanish Two

Spanish Two is the most difficult level to teach because of the disparity in the proficiency levels of the students.  Some can hold conversations with you and others don’t remember how to answer, “¿Cómo te llamas?”  So, how do you get everyone on the same page?

Diagnostic Test and Scheduling

To tackle this challenge, I begin by giving my students a diagnostic test to assess their skill levels.  I don’t grade it.  Then, I spend almost a month reviewing Spanish One vocabulary and grammar concepts.  After that, I give the students the same Spanish One Review test I gave them in the beginning, this time, for a grade.  I call or email parents of students who earn a C or lower and set them up with a tutor.  (My advanced students tutor for minimum wage.)


The Challenges of teaching Spanish Two

Where Do You Find Tutors?

I recruit tutors from my advanced classes and only accept those who have received an A in the class. I invite interested students to a pizza party at lunch or after school. After we enjoy our pizza, I train them, showing them how to use the target language most of the time. I do this by modeling how I would do it, simulating a tutor/student session. I give them the materials they need, the Spanish One vocabulary, concepts, and questions. I instruct them to ask the questions, allowing the learners to use English with the goal of progressing to 100% Spanish. Once the student is able to answer the questions and hold a conversation about a topic without relying on English most of the time, they are permitted to discontinue meeting with the tutor.

Scheduling Solutions

You can also schedule most of your Spanish One and Two classes consecutively if your school is on the block schedule.  Teaching a year-long Spanish 1-2 class significantly decreases the time needed to review.

Spanish Two Resources

If you need some resources for Spanish Two, I have bundled all of my Spanish Two PowerPoints, videos, TPR Stories, Interactive Notebook Activities, Google Drive Activities, tests, handouts, digital versions, and curriculum in one product.  Almost everything you would need is in this bundle except the daily lesson plans. However, the PowerPoints are complete lessons and practically teach the vocabulary and concepts themselves.  Click on the following link to get the bundle:

Spanish Two PowerPoints and Curriculum Bundle

Ready-Made Resources

Each Spanish PowerPoint has instruction, check-for-understanding, guided practice, and closure. A substitute can teach the lesson in your absence using the PowerPoints.  Check it out and let me know if I left something out that you would like to see included!

If you hate doing lesson plans, would like to teach, correct, and go home, but would still like engaging, fun, kid-tested lessons that will lead your students to proficiency and impress your principal, try these: Spanish Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum

The Todos preparados lesson plans do everything for you! The curriculum includes the first month of review I talked about above and has everything you need to teach Spanish level two, including tons of videos and comprehensible input. You don’t even need a textbook! Click on the link below for more details:

Todos Preparados Spanish Two Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year

I hope these ideas for teaching Spanish Two are helpful.

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