French Être PowerPoint and TPR Story


French Être PowerPoint and TPR Story includes: illustrated story about two boys who like the same girl, illustrations of each conjugation of the verb “Être ” and three practice activities.

Foreign Language, French
Grade Levels
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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PowerPoint Presentations, Minilessons



What Buyers Have Said:
~ “This one is simple, fun and great for level one. I like how you use relatable images and stories for teens in your work. Very engaging for my high school students! ”
~ “I was so appreciative to purchase this document. It can be hard to come by grammar-based TPRS stories. However, this story certainly helped my student better understand etre and even other verbs without explicitly teaching them! Great job!”
~ “I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story. I combined some of the slides together and added in some questions. I always overcomplicate my stories, so this one is clear and simple.”
~ “This is a great exercise for my beginners! So hard to find fun but easy to understand stories. Thank you!”
~  “Very cute & editable!!”
~  “My students really enjoyed this and want to create a sequel. It was fun and cute! Merci!”
~  “Really good resource, merci! Please make a sequel!”


French Être PowerPoint and TPR Story integrates comprehensible input into grammar to help students acquire the verb, “être.”

This French Être PowerPoint and TPR Story is about two boys who like the same girl.

The French Être PowerPoint and TPR Story contains many uses of the verb “Être” in context and includes the following:

~illustrations of each conjugation of the verb “Être ”
~French Être PowerPoint and TPR Story illustrated with many photographs
~True/False activity
~Fill in the blanks activity in which students interact with the story using the verb “Être ”
~activity in which students answer questions about the story using the verb “Être ”

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Your students will love this story and French Être PowerPoint


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