How to Write an Essay for Spanish Four and AP


This PowerPoint is a complete step-by-step lesson on how to write an expository essay in Spanish. Included are: The definition, modeling and practice of a thesis statement, preamble, hook, and three main ideas, brainstorming and writing an introductory paragraph, and more!

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10th, 11th, 12th, Homeschool
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~”This has been one of the biggest challenges when teaching students who grew up in other countries. This was very helpful in putting together my own lesson to teach them how to write an essay. Gracias!”
~”Thanks for this time-saving resource!”
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How to Write an Essay for Spanish Four and AP Product Description:

THow to Write an Essay for Spanish Four and AP: These activities, “How to Write an Essay for Spanish Four and AP” are designed to help students improve their writing of expository essays.

Included are:
~A template essay which models the components of a good essay: el gancho, la oración de tesis, las tres ideas principales, la sangría, palabras y oraciones de transición, párrafo de introducción y conclusión, como citar las fuentes, y sinónimos
~an accompanying worksheet in which students identify components
~instructions for the teacher
~the answers
~the worksheet, “Transiciones”
~a story with sections omitted in which students write logical transitions or phrases
~the worksheet, “La Evidencia” in which students practice how to write and organize supporting evidence using examples and concrete facts
~the worksheet, “Revision del parrafo” in which students evaluate each others’ paragraphs based on a rubric
~instructions for students on how to write an essay
~the worksheet, “Revision del Ensayo” in which students evaluate each others’ essay based on a rubric.

Also included is an essay which students analyze before participating in a competition. They underline the thesis statement, the topic sentences and other important essay components. This competition is meant to work in conjunction with the competition on the PowerPoint, “How to Write an Essay” which you will find here: PowerPoint How to Write an Essay

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