Interactive Notebook and Google Drive Activities for Spanish One and Two


These activities include 99 Interactive Notebook Activities and 9 Google Drive Activities. Each product includes Student Handouts (grammar, vocabulary). Also included are lists of vocabulary, verbs, or expressions, Power Point student instructions, student samples, foldables, tri-folds, flip books, listening activities, and an abundance of visuals.


Foreign Language, Spanish
Grade Levels
9th, 10th, 11th, Homeschool
Resource Type
PowerPoint Presentations, Activities, Interactive Notebooks


What Buyers Have Said:
~ “ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! Saves so much time to NOT recreate items that others have spent so much time creating and sharing. Thank you!”
~ “This is AWESOME!! Our district has no textbooks and I’m trying to use INBs so this is waaaay beyond the best thing!!!”
~ “Awesome time saver! I’ve wanted to do INB for the past couple of years but hadn’t found the time, this makes it so quick and easy, just wish I would have found it earlier! ”
~ “Thank you for this G-d saver…I am taking on HS Span I and II after 2 months of no teacher and 1 month of back and forth and this is going to help us SOOOO much with getting where we need to be :)”
~ “The kids loved this, they love coloring and cutting and its a great way to start a class when you are going to talk about new content!! Its well thought out and put together amazingly!!”


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