La belleza y la estética No-Prep Lesson Plans for AP Spanish


La belleza y la estética No-Prep Lesson Plans for AP Spanish are based on the updated version of Vista Higher Learning Test-prep booklet. Everything you need to teach is in a folder for that day: lessons, bell work, homework, activities, attention-getters, games, audio, novels, test, quizzes, and rubrics. PowerPoints are in their own folder. Teach, correct, and go home.

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9-12; Homeschool
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Lesson Plans; PowerPoint Presentations; Printables


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This curriculum meets all the Learning Objectives set forth by the College Board and is based upon the three modes of communication: “Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational” and one of the six themes, “La belleza y la estética.” All lesson plans are based on the EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) model. Most lessons are based on the Vista Higher Learning AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam Preparation booklet.
The lesson plans are based on a 90-minute instructional day for the block schedule but can be easily modified for a regular schedule and include extra lessons and activities.
My AP Spanish class traditionally consists of mostly non-native students with a small number of heritage and native speakers. Therefore, the goal of this curriculum is to enable students to communicate with maximum proficiency in the language, i.e., to comprehend authentic spoken and written Spanish, to speak and write Spanish using advanced language and idiomatic expressions, and to pass the AP Spanish Test with high marks.
Many buyers have asked me if they could buy the AP Spanish Lesson Plans and Curriculum one theme at a time. In response to those requests, I have created lesson plans for each theme.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Since I teach, “La vida contemporánea” first, in which students learn, step-by-step, how to master each part of the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam, you must buy that theme first and the succeeding themes in order. La belleza y la estética is the sixth and last theme covered in the year-long lesson plans. Many of the AP Spanish Power Points for an Entire Year are included in this bundle, but not all.
This product contains 284 Word documents and 400 PowerPoint slides and includes the following resources:
These lesson plans are included in the following year-long lesson plans: AP Spanish Lesson Plans and Curriculum for an Entire Year
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La belleza y la estética lesson plans will help your students succeed on the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam.
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