Spanish Adjectives- The Dating Game


Spanish Adjectives – The Dating Game: This activity is not only hilarious, it provides comprehensible input and cements the adjectives and the vocabulary of physical descriptions into the minds of the students. It improves students’ reading, writing and listening skills as they listen to descriptions of famous people.

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What Buyers Have Said:
~”This is the best game! Students love it and it provides many laughs. It is editable so I’ve updated each year to feature whoever is relevant that year, and I use some twists so kids laugh like crazy after seeing who they pick.”
~”I teach 8th graders so trust me they LOVED playing “The Dating Game” and really learned the adjectives!
~”This was so fun for my alt ed hs spanish students! Excellent review packaged in an engaging way!”
~”This activity was so much fun with my beginning Spanish class. I edited a few of the celebrities and added myself. My students were engaged and could not wait to find out their dates!”


After teaching the Spanish descriptive adjectives, students choose whom they want to date based on six different descriptions. This activity provides comprehensible input and cements the adjectives and the vocabulary of physical descriptions into the minds of the students. It improves students’ reading, writing, and listening skills as they must listen to descriptions of famous people and take notes on what they hear. Spanish Vocabulary

I included the PowerPoint I have used in the past. You may use it if you like, or you can make changes based on the biographies the students turn in. You want to make sure the famous people are current heartthrobs (or the opposite). Having a base PowerPoint from which to start decreases the amount of teacher preparation.


  • Appropriate vocabulary: Make sure the Spanish adjectives and descriptions used in the activity are age-appropriate and culturally sensitive. Avoid using derogatory or offensive terms, and be mindful of the impact that certain descriptions may have on students’ self-esteem or body image.
  • Avoid objectification: Be careful not to objectify famous people or reinforce harmful stereotypes about physical appearances. Encourage students to appreciate and respect the qualities and achievements of famous people beyond their looks.
  • Consider diverse representation: Ensure that the famous people chosen for the activity represent a diverse range of identities, cultures, and backgrounds. This can provide an opportunity for students to learn about and appreciate diversity and develop intercultural competence. A great way to teach culture would be to include famous people from Spanish or French-speaking countries.
  • Ethical considerations: Consider the ethical implications of using real-life famous people in a dating activity. It’s important to respect their privacy and not use their images or information without proper consent or attribution.

In conclusion, while using adjectives and physical descriptions in a dating activity can be a creative and engaging way for students to practice Spanish vocabulary, it’s important to approach it with cultural sensitivity, and ethical considerations. It’s also important to align the activity with the learning goals and curriculum standards to ensure that it contributes to students’ language development in a meaningful way.

Learning Goal: Students will be able to describe themselves and others.




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