Spanish Clothing La ropa PowerPoint and Curriculum


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Spanish Clothing La ropa PowerPoint and Curriculum by Angie Torre

To see a video preview of the Google Drive in action, click here: La ropa Google Drive Activity

This product includes the following resources:

~130-slide PowerPoint with engaging visuals and animation of clothes, colors, and related expressions including questions for checking for understanding

~Four Spanish Clothing Bell Ringer PowerPoints

~37-slide PowerPoint Competition in which students answer questions about the pictures using complete sentences

~Spanish Clothing Clothing Project, PowerPoint Instructions, Rubric


~Spanish Clothing Interactive Notebook Activity in which students listen to the script, choose the correct item of clothing and color it in according to what they hear
~Script for Listening Activity
~Audio of Script for Absent Students
~La ropa Interactive Notebook Activity in which students write the name of the item of clothing in Spanish
~Activity in which students write the Spanish name and color under the picture of the article of clothing
~PowerPoint Answers
~LA ROPA GOOGLE DRIVE ACTIVITIES that begins with recognition and progresses to student production of words, then sentences.
~ClothingINB in which students glue in the clothing they wear in the winter and, on another page, the clothing they wear in the summer, then write the Spanish name for each article of clothing

~Colors Student Handout with gender and number agreement
~Student Handout of la ropa, colors and related clothing vocabulary
~Cothing Test and Answers


~Spanish Clothing Video La ropa in which Susana, Melanie, Óscar, and Isaías talk about clothes. Susana and Melanie go shopping. The video uses many of the vocabulary words and phrases in the student handout
~Script and Student Activities

~Paired Activity in which students ask each other questions based on the visuals, (¿Qué lleva….? ¿Qué compra…? ¿Cuánto cuesta(n)?) and record their partner’s answers

~La ropa Bingo Bingo Guide, Script

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Your students will love Spanish Clothing PowerPoint and Curriculum.


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