Spanish Comparisons and Superlative Google Drive Activities


Students learn how to make comparisons and talk about who is the best and worst. Spanish Comparisons and Superlative Google Drive Activities engage students as they move pictures, matching them to comparisons; complete the sentences
comparing people and things; and answer questions about comparisons and who is the best / worst. The activities guide students to proper use of los comparativos y el superlativo as they progress from recognition to student production. They serve as comprehensible input as well as practice because proper grammar structure is modeled throughout.

Grade Levels
9-12; Homeschool
Resource Type
Google Drive Activities; PowerPoint Presentations; Student Handouts
What Buyers Have Said:
~ “Students enjoyed the visuals. Easy to follow.”
~ “I love your google drive activities! Please keep them coming!”
~ “Great resource. Used as a sub plan :)”
~ “Really helpful for distance learning and easy to use – no prep required”
~ “This is a great reteaching/review resource! Thank you so much!”



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